If you are considering Transitions® Lenses, Read This

  There are many benefits to Transitions® lenses or glasses. Transitions® lenses automatically adapt with changing light conditions. The lenses automatically get darker with increased sunlight and get clear with less sunlight. Outdoors, you have sunglasses and indoors you have clear glasses. Transitions® lenses block 100% of both UVA and UVB rays but they are not polarized, which means they don’t reduce glare. Only Transitions® Vantage™ lenses have variable polarization that increases as the lenses get darker in outdoor light. There are a few reasons why Transitions® glasses might not be for everyone. Transitions® lenses are considerably more expensive than other sun-protection options such as ‘fits over’ sunglasses, the sunglasses you can wear over your glasses. Transitions® lenses can set you back hundreds while Solar Shield fits over sunglasses cost about $20 a pair. In a car, the windshield blocks … Read More

So Many Solar Shield ‘Fits over’ sunglasses and Clip-on Styles -There’s One for You!

  Did you know 3 out of 4 adults wear glasses of some sort? Thankfully, Solar Shield brand has one of the most extensive lines of fits over sunglasses and clipons in the industry. Many people can think of only the large goggle-type fitovers of years past, but the reality is there are a myriad of styles in the market today. In the fits over category, Solar Shield has 5 collections: classic, sport, panorama, fashion and designer. Solar Shield Classics refers to fits overs with classic rectangular and round shapes, side windows and a top and bottom shield. Sport fits overs have racier more tapered shapes, also have side windows and top and bottom shield. However, since these Solar Shields are meant for sport, the top shield has small vents so lenses don’t fog up during activity.   The Panorama … Read More

Great Gifts for Dad! Practical and Affordable

This Father’s Day, celebrate your eyeglass-wearing dad’s passions, interests and hobbies with a gift that is practical, thoughtful and affordable- Haven® Fits Over sunglasses and Guardian Pro® safety glasses! After all, hobbies offer enjoyment, make you more interesting, keep your mind and motor skills sharp, develop your creativity, can help you meet people and learn valuable skills. Here are a few gift suggestions for eyeglass-wearing dads who enjoy popular hobbies. These perfect Father’s Day gifts are sure to make his day and best of all; they are all under $35! Woodworker/Furniture Restorer/Model-Builder You know the type, he takes pieces of ordinary wood and creates amazing things like sleds, bookshelves, rocking chairs and jewelry boxes. He carefully measures, cuts, glues, nails, sands, paints and stains, until a beautiful object emerges. If your eyeglass-wearing dad enjoys wood-working or model building, a pair … Read More