5 Minutes to the Perfect Pair of Solar Shield Fits Over

Finding the perfect Solar Shield fits over sunglass takes literally less than 5 minutes. Considering all the money you save, the versatility you’ll achieve, how good you’ll look and the eye-health benefits you’ll gain, it is a small investment. Visit your local club, box, grocery or drug store and look for the Solar Shield display. Look at the shape and size of your prescription glasses and determine if they are: Slim rectangular or oval Large Round or rectangular Aviator (dropping lenses) If you answered: Slim: The Panorama (wraparound with no side windows) or Fashion (no side windows) is best. Large: The Classic or Sport will fit you best Aviator: The Classic Aviators are your best choice Find the collection on the tag or color lens label. Try the Solar Shield fits overs on! Slide the fits overs over your prescription … Read More

UV (Ultraviolet) Light and Eye-Health

Nearly 22 million Americans over 40 have cataracts. Over 2.3 million Americans over 40 are affected by glaucoma. More than 2 million Americans have macular degeneration. Long term exposure to UV rays – natural from the sun or artificial from tanning beds and other sources, causes damage to your eyes. The damage can range from snow blindness (Photokeratitis) to eye cancer. UV light exposure has a cumulative effect on the eyes. Damage to your eyes today, leads to eye-health problems tomorrow. UVA light can penetrate deeper into the eye and skin than UVA rays. UVA can affect your central vision and damage the macula (part of the retina in the back of the eye). Everyone is at risk of eye damage from UV light Look for sunglasses that are Polarized which means they block glare Wear sunglasses even on overcast … Read More

Are $200+ designer sunglasses really better than my $25 SolarComfort® s or my $20 Solar Shield®s?

The answer, in most cases, is NO! There are at least 8 basic things that make a pair of sunglasses ‘good sunglasses’. Number one, is UV protection. A good pair of sunglasses should provide 100% UV protection from both UVA and UVB rays. UV rays have been linked to many eye diseases like cataracts, macular degeneration, eye cancer and more, so it is very important that your sunglasses offer 100% UV protection. Number 2, good sunglasses should eliminate glare, which is the reflected light from surfaces like sand, snow, car hoods, mirrors, etc. Sunglasses with lenses that are polarized eliminate blinding glare. The only reason to avoid polarized sunglasses is if you constantly need to look at digital screens. Number 3, good sunglasses have a wrap-around design like the SolarComfort®  sport wrap or have side windows and top and bottom … Read More

Eat and be Merry! Your Eyes Will Thank You

Here are three delicious and nutritious Thanksgiving foods you should indulge in because they are all good for your eye-health: A holiday favorite, cinnamon is great against free-radicals which are the molecules responsible for aging and tissue damage. So sprinkle lots of it in your pies, baked goods and beverages. Cranberries are high in antioxidants and vitamin C and have been linked to improving urinary health. And our personal favorite -Pumpkin and yams! They are both very good for your eyes since they are rich in vitamin A (beta-carotene) and photo-chemicals which have protective or disease preventive properties.   Go to www.solarshield.com and get 30% off with code: BLOG30     Reference: The Dole Nutrition Handbook, what to eat and how to live for a longer, healthier life. (c) 2010 Dole Nutrition Institute    

Protect Young Eyes Too! / Children Need to Protect their Eyes More Than Adults

August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety month so we wanted to stress the importance of teaching kids about protecting their eyes and equip you with some tips and tools. It’s important to take steps to protect young eyes since children are exposed to high amounts of UV rays outside at school, during recess, sports, or playing outdoors after school. Most people are aware of the damage the sun does to your skin, but the sun also damages your eyes! This is why wearing sunglasses whenever you are in the sun is essential for both children and adults. Read these easy tips to help teach kids about sun safety and protect their young eyes. Set the Example – Whether you have your own kids, grandkids, neighbors or friends, you can set the example by wearing sunglasses and teaching them to … Read More

Gardening Tips for Spring

I love gardening because it is one of those projects that can bring instant gratification. I get a lot of satisfaction from weeding the garden, planting a flower bed or growing my own tomatoes. Since it is spring, I am eager to tackle my little patch of nature. This year, I am planting zinnias, marigolds and tomatoes from seed and I’ve learned that the potting mix you use actually makes a difference. There are special mixes for growing seeds. I usually start my seeds in small containers in my kitchen by the window and once they are about 2” tall, I take the containers outdoors for short periods of time so they get acclimatized. After about 1 week, I transplant them to the garden. I plan to spend a lot of time outdoors this spring and I plan to wear … Read More

Why on Earth would I want to buy sunglasses in winter?

I would! Let me tell you why. Last year I was out in the front yard building a snowman with the kids and my husband took our picture. All 4 of us had our eyes closed. We were squinting because the sun reflecting on the snow was blinding! This year, my entire family is wearing sunglasses all winter long. And what about those times when you’re driving during overcast days and by the time you get home, your have a headache from straining your eyes the entire trip. There are many instances when you should wear sunglasses in winter but you might have not thought you needed them. Sunglasses with amber or “driving” lenses are great in winter because this color lens improves contrast. Let’s face it, unlike bears, we don’t hibernate. We like to get out and about in … Read More