Cataracts, Sensitivity to Light and Solar Shield ‘Fits Over’ Sunglasses

A cataract is a blurring of the lens in the eye making vision cloudy. Most cataracts are age-related. By age 80, more than 50% of all Americans will have a cataract. The lens is a clear part of the eye that allows light (images) through to the retina. The retina is the tissue in the back of the eye. In a healthy eye, light passes through the lens to the retina, reaches the retina, is changed into nerve signals and these are sent to the brain. The lens must be clear for the retina to receive a sharp image. If the lens is cloudy from a cataract, the image you see will be blurry. The eye lens is made of primarily of water and protein. The protein is arranged in a specific way that keeps the lens clear and lets … Read More

Are ClipOns and Fits Overs getting Bigger? / Over-the-glass sunglasses growing in size

Good question! Yes. One reason is our heads are getting bigger! Recent forensic research suggests that the heads of Americans are growing. National Geographic recently reported the discovery that skulls of white Americans have significantly increased in size since 1825. Biological Anthropologist Richard Jantz, from the University of Tennessee, measured hundreds of skulls of Caucasian Americans born between 1825 and 1985. His findings suggest that the typical American head has grown by about a third of an inch (8 mm) over the last 160 years. This translates to about a tennis ball’s worth of new brain space. Why are our heads getting bigger? “The varieties of changes that have swept American life make determining an exact cause an endlessly complicated proposition,” said Lee Jantz. “It likely results from modified growth patterns because of better nutrition, lower infant and maternal mortality, … Read More

Glamping – Glamourous Camping

Camping in the great outdoors connects us with and allows us to experience nature at its rawest. Fresh air, unspoiled vistas, solitude, freedom from technology, natural beauty and the liberating feeling of the outdoors is incomparable. However, ‘roughing it’, or dealing with annoying bugs, lack of electricity and plumbing, wild animals, uncomfortable and unsanitary conditions, unpredictable weather, cold leaky tents, smelly sleeping bags and questionable food is not so appealing to many. Just ask anyone who’s tried to put on contact lenses inside a small tent without a mirror, water or soap! The solution: Glamping! – A perfect combination of glamour and camping. This recent phenomenon has caught on fire because it fuses the best of camping and the best of a well-appointed hotel. When you’re glamping, there’s no tent to pitch in the dark, no fire to build and … Read More


ROAD TRIPS, TUNNELS AND FLIPUPS Who doesn’t love a road trip, especially on a beautiful sunny day along a good stretch of road with breath-taking scenery? Road-trips are time well spent in a car or RV whether you have a set destination or wandering aimlessly. Road-trips are an inexpensive way to have a great time with friends, family and even strangers. Spot out-of-state licenses, play “I spy”, crank up your play list, sing, tell jokes, bond with your fellow road-trippers or just enjoy the scenery. There are a few essentials when going on a road trip, in addition to a sound vehicle with a full tank of gas: sunglasses, snacks, water and good music. Sunglasses are perhaps the most important, because any trip where you spend 12 hours squinting and hiding from the sun, can’t be fun, or safe if … Read More

Great Gifts for Dad! Practical and Affordable

This Father’s Day, celebrate your eyeglass-wearing dad’s passions, interests and hobbies with a gift that is practical, thoughtful and affordable- Haven® Fits Over sunglasses and Guardian Pro® safety glasses! After all, hobbies offer enjoyment, make you more interesting, keep your mind and motor skills sharp, develop your creativity, can help you meet people and learn valuable skills. Here are a few gift suggestions for eyeglass-wearing dads who enjoy popular hobbies. These perfect Father’s Day gifts are sure to make his day and best of all; they are all under $35! Woodworker/Furniture Restorer/Model-Builder You know the type, he takes pieces of ordinary wood and creates amazing things like sleds, bookshelves, rocking chairs and jewelry boxes. He carefully measures, cuts, glues, nails, sands, paints and stains, until a beautiful object emerges. If your eyeglass-wearing dad enjoys wood-working or model building, a pair … Read More


We couldn’t think of a better day than Memorial Day to honor all the men and women who have died serving in a branch of the U.S. military by launching our new camo Solar Shield. More than 1,316,000 soldiers and military personnel have died while serving during the history of the United States. Here are some sobering statistics pertaining to casualties from U.S. wars: American Revolution – 4,435 War of 1812 -2,260 Indian Wars -1,000 Mexican War -13,000 Civil War – 1,489,035 Spanish American War – 2,446 WWI – 116,516 WWII – 405,399 Korean War – 54,246 Vietnam War – 90,220 Gulf War (1990) – 1,948 Source: The use of camouflage as a means to blend into the background has had a long history in the military and among huntsmen. Recently, camouflage has crossed to less traditional uses. Camo-inspired … Read More

How does Solar Shield ensure a proper fit over countless of eyeglass shapes and sizes?

May is a very busy time of year at Solar Shield and not just because the sun is shining but also because it is the time our product team puts together recommendations for fits over and clipon styles, colors and shapes for the upcoming year. May marks the culmination of months of researching and analyzing current eyeglass and sunglass market trends, industry growth drivers, market restraints and trend projections. It also includes the result of analysis of technological advancements and thorough frame fits. Since Solar Shield sunglasses are designed to fit OVER eyeglasses, it is crucial for our product development team to understand eyeglass and sunglass fashions, past, present and future. Our product development team researches what people wear on the street, while on vacation and while performing all sorts of outdoor activities – from weeding the yard to hiking … Read More

Spring, Allergies and Eyesential Sunglasses

Spring is finally here! Warm weather, flowers, green grass and a cool breeze all sound wonderful unless you suffer from allergies. For allergy-sufferers, spring conjures up a slightly different image: sneezing, runny noses and itchy, watery, swollen and red eyes. Sooner or later, allergy sufferers learn to avoid the outdoors in springtime. But regardless of how severe your allergies are, there is no need to detest spring or shun the outdoors.  Eyesential sunglasses help alleviate allergy symptoms that affect the eye thanks to a hypoallergenic foam seal on the perimeter of the inside of the glasses.  The hypoallergenic foam seal of Eyesential sunglasses acts like a gasket, blocking out wind, pollen, dust and allergens from reaching your eyes. Wearing Eyesential sunglasses whenever you step outdoors will help minimize allergic symptoms in the eyes. Eyesential’s foam gasket is a soft rubbery … Read More

How to Combat Dry Eye Syndrome

The prevalence of dry eye syndrome increases with age. An estimated 3.2 million women age 50 and over and 1.68 million men age 50 and over are affected by dry eye syndrome. Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome/Disease is known by the medical name of keratoconjunctivitis sicca (pronounced “carrot-oh-con-junk-tiv-it-is seek-a”). Dry Eye Syndrome is typically an age-related disease due to insufficient tears to lubricate the eyes, but many people, who wear contact lenses, take certain medications, have had eye surgery or live in windy, hot or dry climates may also experience dry eye. Causes of Dry Eye Age-reduces tear production is a natural effect of aging. Gender- women are more likely to develop dry eyes due to hormonal changes Medications – Some medications like antihistamines, decongestants, anti-depressants,   and blood pressure medications, can cause dry eye by reducing tear production. Health Conditions- Diabetes, … Read More

Eye Injuries At Home

There are 2.5 million eye injuries annually Nearly half (47.6%) of all eye injuries occur in people 18 to 45 years of age. 73% of eye injuries occur in males. Nearly half (44.1%) happen in the home. These statistics are alarming. The good news is that 90% of all eye injuries can be prevented by using protective eyewear. The most common place for eye injuries is, not surprisingly, the yard or garden, followed by the garage, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. These injuries happen while performing home repairs, cooking and cleaning. They can range from minor eye damage to loss of vision, so it is crucial to understand the importance of wearing safety or protective eyewear such as Guardian® by Solar Shield. In a matter of seconds and without notice, debris from a lawn-mower or weed-whacker saw dust from a construction … Read More