Artist Deanna Martinez Creates Hand Painted Sunglasses with Solarshield Fits Over

Deanna’s motto is “Life’s happening and I’m in on it” Deanna Martinez is a talented and sought-out permanent makeup artist and tattoo remover in Tucson, Arizona.  As a true artist, she spends her free time at night and on weekends painting! But what she paints are Solar Shield fits over sunglasses. Her creations are true originals, bursting with color and bold designs.Deanna Martinez loves what she does and it shows. Solar Shield ‘Fits overs’ are sunglasses that fit right over your own glasses. No need to buy expensive prescription sunglasses and no more constantly changing from glasses to sunglasses. Deanna decorates Solar Shields with bright colors and fun designs and applies a protective seal for durability. Each Solar Shield hand-painted ‘fits over’ sunglass is a work of art and a one-of-a-kind accessory. Wearing Deana Martinez’s hand-painted Solar Shield fits over sunglasses can … Read More

Solar Shield’s Music Video by IU, Independent Artists United

One lazy afternoon as I was browsing through You Tube, I came across “Solar Shield’s Music Video”! What???? Solar Shields are the sunglasses you wear over your glasses right? They have a music video? How could I not watch it? Curiosity won. The music video was hilarious and I fell in love with the band, the story of the music video and the band’s philosophy. It turns out the lead singer of the iU band, James Powell, actually inherited his first pair of Solar Shields from his grandma when she gave him her car in high school.  James found the Solar Shield sunglasses in the car’s glove box and started wearing them.  He used to get really bad headaches and claimed that the Solar Shields helped prevent his head aches from occurring.  Long story short, he and his friend Travis … Read More

Which are the best sunglass lens tints?

Grey/smoke tinted lenses are the most popular because they do not distort color value. It darkens but does not make one color look like another. A gray tint is excellent at providing protection for during bright sunny days.  In addition to color (tint), the intensity or “darkness” of a tint is important. Tint intensity is a percentage of the light it blocks. A 15% light transmission is ideal for general purposes such as driving and outdoor activities year-round. This means 85% of the light is being blocked providing excellent protection from the sun. Solar Shield ‘fits over’ sunglasses and clipons use advanced lens technology by blending the tint into the actual lens material for uniformity across the lens and from lens to lens. Gray lens tints are the most prevalent and will never go out of style. In addition to … Read More

How to select the most flattering sunglasses for your face shape?

There are many opinions on this subject but there is some science involved in determining your face shape to help you select the sunglasses that will be most flattering to it. To make things simple, we’ve determined most people fall into one of four face shapes: square, round, heart, or oval. Square faces are usually proportional in length and width. Squared-faced people have broad foreheads and jaws.  To avoid calling attention to the ‘squareness’ of your face, avoid square sunglasses with sharp corners. Round, oval, and cat eye sunglasses will help create an illusion of length. Avoid overly large or overly small sizes.  The Allison sunglasses for eyeglass wearers by Solar Shield are perfect for square faces. Round faces are similar to square faces in that they are also proportional in length and width. Again, to avoid calling attention to … Read More

The Proper Care of Sunglasses

SUNGLASSES -FRAME CARE With a little extra care, it’s easy to keep your sunglasses, ‘fits over’ sunglasses and clipons in great condition. Here are some useful tips you can follow: PROTECTING YOUR SUNGLASSES: When wearing your sunglasses or ‘fits over’ sunglasses don’t push them up and leave them to rest on your head. This will stretch them out, making them too wide for your face. Always use both hands when removing your glasses from your face to preserve the shape of the frame and prevent stretching. Store your glasses in a high-quality case when you’re not wearing them to keep them from getting bent and scratched. Check periodically to make sure the screws aren’t loose. If they are, you can easily tighten them with an eye glasses repair kit. CARING FOR YOUR LENSES: To remove smudges, particles, and dust from … Read More


      Quality polarized sunglasses are essential gear for anglers of every kind –fly fishermen, ocean fishermen, fresh water fishermen and even ice fishermen! And by ‘men’ we also mean ‘women’. The damaging power of the sun multiplies as rays reflect off of water and ice turning an otherwise enjoyable activity into a painful game of dodge the light. Another reason fishermen absolutely need sunglasses is  – hooks! The last thing any angler wants is to get their precious hooks anywhere near their precious eyes.  Hooks and eyeballs …never the twain shall meet! Last but not least, quality sunglasses are indispensable for keeping water, wind and whacks (sails, rods, flopping fish, etc.) away from the eyes. Recently, we discovered a line of exceptionally good quality ‘fits over’ type sunglasses that are ideal for eyeglass-wearing anglers –Haven. Haven ‘fits over sunglasses’ … Read More

Are UV Rays in winter more damaging than in summer?

Winter is not the time to stop wearing sunscreen or sunglasses.  In fact, during winter there may be an increased risk for overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation due to reflected rays from snow and ice. If you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, the combination of higher altitude and UV ray reflection is even greater. Higher altitude means a higher risk of sun ray damage because UV radiation exposure increases approximately 5% with every 1,000 feet over sea level. According to, if you are going to be skiing at 10,000 feet, “UV radiation may be 35 to 45 percent more intense than at sea level.  In addition, snow reflects up to 80 percent of the UV light from the sun, meaning that you are often hit by the same rays twice. This only increases the risk for damage.” Sun … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions

It is New Year’s Resolutions Time! Everyone has a list that fueled by what motivates us individually. Maslow believed there are 5 stages of human motivation: Biological and Physiological needs – air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep. Safety needs – protection from elements, security, order, law, stability, freedom from fear. Love and belongingness needs – friendship, intimacy, affection and love, – from work group, family, friends, and romantic relationships. Esteem needs – achievement, mastery, independence, status, dominance, prestige, self-respect, and respect from others. Self-Actualization needs – realizing personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences. One must satisfy lower level basic needs (1-2) before progressing on to meet higher level growth needs (3-5). Some people fail at meeting higher growth needs because they have not addressed lower ones. For instance, a person might fail at losing weight as … Read More


Safety is important year round and especially around the holidays primarily because we tend to do more things at once and often in a hurry. One of the things we do more of during the holidays is –cook.  Each year, hundreds of people are injured in cooking accidents involving steam, hot oil, splattered grease, and more, all because they weren’t wearing protective eyewear in the kitchen.  Safety glasses like Guardian Pro by Solar Shield are perfect for mundane tasks like chopping onions to gourmet tasks like torching crème brulées.       Guardian Pro safety glasses are also ideal while cleaning the furnace and fireplace. The smoke, chemicals and ashes are very dangerous and wearing safety eyewear is imperative. But don’t stop at cleaning the fireplace. When you go out to chop the wood for the fire place or cut … Read More

Stressing over the Gift-Giving Season? You are not Alone

Christmas is a joyful time of year. It conjures thoughts of family, delicious food and treats, family traditions, cozy fires, glitzy year-end parties, gift giving, generosity and goodwill. Nothing compares to the sights (lights, ornaments, poinsettias, Xmas trees, gifts and family), sounds (bells, carols, ho, ho ho and stories), smells (pine trees, fresh baked cookies, cinnamon, and snow) and tastes (eggnog and cookies!) of Christmas. It is no doubt a special time of year. However, there are many who think of Christmas as a stressful time of year.  Their blood pressure rises, their palms get sweaty and their jaws clench just thinking about making their way through crowded stores looking for the perfect gifts, going into debt from all the purchases, gaining weight, getting together with family and hanging lights on the house… is just all too much!!! Well….stress no … Read More