SS_GreenCamoWe couldn’t think of a better day than Memorial Day to honor all the men and women who have died serving in a branch of the U.S. military by launching our new camo Solar Shield. More than 1,316,000 soldiers and military personnel have died while serving during the history of the United States.

Here are some sobering statistics pertaining to casualties from U.S. wars:

American Revolution – 4,435
War of 1812 -2,260
Indian Wars -1,000
Mexican War -13,000
Civil War – 1,489,035
Spanish American War – 2,446
WWI – 116,516
WWII – 405,399
Korean War – 54,246
Vietnam War – 90,220
Gulf War (1990) – 1,948

The use of camouflage as a means to blend into the background has had a long history in the military and among huntsmen. Recently, camouflage has crossed to less traditional uses. Camo-inspired clothing, furniture, gadgets and accessories have gone from trend to craze. Camouflage has made its mark as a fashion and lifestyle trend among hunters, fashionista and beyond. But let’s not forget the men and women who wear camouflage on a daily basis for the most important reason of all –to survive. Camo makes soldiers harder to detect and being killed.

This Memorial Day we thank and salute the men and women who serve and have served in the armed forces and we hope our Solar Shield camo serves as a tribute to all who gave their lives serving the country.

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