Afraid to Drive at Night? Night Driving Glasses with Anti Glare are the Solution!

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If there were only night driving glasses to reduce glare! A recent study of Americans 18+ with vision correction, found that all of them had experienced some type of issue while driving at night.  Among the most common problems they reported were: feeling uncomfortable driving at night, being blinded by glare, experienced light sensitivity, saw halos, experienced blurred distance vision and had trouble seeing signs and judging distances. They also reported, seeing starbursts, having dry or tired eyes, inability to focus, double vision and headaches. There is no question that driving at night can be dangerous due to compromised vision from to limited light and blinding glare from headlights and streetlights. Unfortunately, almost 50% of all fatal car crashes happen at night and some are the result of poor night vision.

Fortunately, there is something we can do to help us alleviate some of the problems associated with driving at night or in low-light conditions. Solar Shield just launched a new line of glasses specifically designed for driving at night. The Night Drivers by Solar Shield  are night driving glasses and have important features that make them effective at enhancing contrast and eliminating glare – top two complaints of night drivers. The yellow lenses in Night Drivers have a subtle yellow tint that not only improves clarity but it allows drivers to distinguish colors properly, namely street light colors (green, red and yellow) in low light conditions. Because of these specialized yellow lenses, Night Drivers by Solar Shield passed the Global Traffic Light Transmittance Standards so you can be assured that they are safe for night driving. In addition, Night Drivers by Solar Shield have an anti-reflective coating which eliminates the glare from street lights and oncoming traffic.

Many glasses out in the market today claim to be night driving glasses or good for night vision but they don’t have anti-reflective lenses or have passes the Global Traffic Light Transmittance Standards.  If you’ve tried other brands of Night Driving glasses, you owe it to yourself to buy a pair of Night Drivers by Solar Shield. The difference is in the technology!

Night Drivers are the best night driving glasses with anti glare! Night Drivers by Solar Shield can be worn over eyeglasses or alone so everyone can wear them. They are available in 6 styles of glasses and 3 styles of flipups.  A pair of Night Drivers by Solar Shield is one item all drivers should have in their glove box. A must for driving at night!  ENTER Promo Code  BLOG30  at checkout to get 30%  off 

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