How does Solar Shield ensure a proper fit over countless of eyeglass shapes and sizes?

May is a very busy time of year at Solar Shield and not just because the sun is shining but also because it is the time our product team puts together recommendations for fits over and clipon styles, colors and shapes for the upcoming year. May marks the culmination of months of researching and analyzing current eyeglass and sunglass market trends, industry growth drivers, market restraints and trend projections. It also includes the result of analysis of technological advancements and thorough frame fits.

Since Solar Shield sunglasses are designed to fit OVER eyeglasses, it is crucial for our product development team to understand eyeglass and sunglass fashions, past, present and future. Our product development team researches what people wear on the street, while on vacation and while performing all sorts of outdoor activities – from weeding the yard to hiking Mount Kenya.

Solar Shield product researchers have a big job:

1)      They record, measure and test eyeglasses being sold at optical stores throughout the country.

2)      They study heads and faces of men and women of different ages and varying ethnicities to ensure a comfortable fit.

3)      They evaluate the eyeglass and sunglass market and trend reports

4)      They work with a team of designers and engineers to develop new styles of fits over sunglasses and clipons.

5)      They test all new styles and launch only the best performers.

Eyeglasses have ceased to exist solely as utilitarian contraptions for vision correction. They are now also important fashion accessories. Prescription eyeglasses today are more attractive and better constructed than ever. They have intricate designs and adornments, mixtures of materials and customizable parts. It is for this reason, that the development of Solar Shield fits over sunglasses and clipon has become more challenging than ever. Our fits overs and clipons need to fit over traditional shapes of eyeglasses like: square, rectangular, oval and round.  But Solar Shield must also have products that fit over the cat-eye, wayfarer and oversized square eyeglasses flooding the market today. Solar Shield fits overs and clipons must also adapt to thin metal, chunky acetate frames as well as over rimless eyeglasses.

The variety of shapes, sizes and materials of eyeglasses is precisely the reason most retailers carry a large assortment of Solar Shield fits overs and clipons. Whether you shop on line at or at a retailer like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aid, you can be assured there is a Solar Shield fits over sunglass or clipon that fits over your glasses.

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