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Quality polarized sunglasses are essential gear for anglers of every kind –fly fishermen, ocean fishermen, fresh water fishermen and even ice fishermen! And by ‘men’ we also mean ‘women’.

The damaging power of the sun multiplies as rays reflect off of water and ice turning an otherwise enjoyable activity into a painful game of dodge the light.

Another reason fishermen absolutely need sunglasses is  – hooks! The last thing any angler wants is to get their precious hooks anywhere near their precious eyes.  Hooks and eyeballs …never the twain shall meet!

Last but not least, quality sunglasses are indispensable for keeping water, wind and whacks (sails, rods, flopping fish, etc.) away from the eyes.

Haven 'fits over' polarized sunglasses

Haven ‘fits over’ polarized sunglasses

Recently, we discovered a line of exceptionally good quality ‘fits over’ type sunglasses that are ideal for eyeglass-wearing anglers –Haven. Haven ‘fits over sunglasses’ are specifically designed to be worn over prescription glasses or readers (a.k.a cheaters).  Some of their built in features include polarized lenses that block UV rays, 100% protection against UVA & UVB light, an oleophobic lens coating that keeps away water, oil and smudges and 2 scratch-resistant coatings to help keep the front and back of the lenses scratch-free.  There are 5 Haven over-the-glass sunglasses collections:  classic (side windows), panorama (wraparound design), sport (side windows and vented frames), fashion (feminine styles) and designer (designer inspired embellishments). They are available in a myriad of sizes and colors for all tastes and lifestyles.

Haven sunglasses for eyeglass-wearers are incredibly affordable especially compared to $100-300 prescription sunglasses. Haven ‘fits over’ sunglasses retail at around $30 so even if you happen to lose them in Cabo, you’ll be able to buy a round of beers for the crew.

You can find Haven ‘fits over’ sunglasses and clipons at L.L. Bean, Bass Pro, quality optical shops and online at  Don’t miss out! Enter Promo Code: BLOG30, at checkout, to receive 30% off !