How to Combat Dry Eye Syndrome

The prevalence of dry eye syndrome increases with age. An estimated 3.2 million women age 50 and over and 1.68 million men age 50 and over are affected by dry eye syndrome.

Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome/Disease is known by the medical name of keratoconjunctivitis sicca (pronounced “carrot-oh-con-junk-tiv-it-is seek-a”).

Dry Eye Syndrome is typically an age-related disease due to insufficient tears to lubricate the eyes, but many people, who wear contact lenses, take certain medications, have had eye surgery or live in windy, hot or dry climates may also experience dry eye.

Causes of Dry Eye

  • Age-reduces tear production is a natural effect of aging.

  • Gender- women are more likely to develop dry eyes due to hormonal changes

  • Medications – Some medications like antihistamines, decongestants, anti-depressants,   and blood pressure medications, can cause dry eye by reducing tear production.

  • Health Conditions- Diabetes, arthritis, thyroid conditions and LASIK surgery can reduce the amount of tears your eye produces.

  • Environment- smoke, wind and dry air may also cause dry eye

Dry Eye Syndrome symptoms may include blurred vision, itching, burning sensation, a gritty/scratchy sensation in the eyes and light sensitivity. While there are many prescription and over the counter artificial tears and medications, dry eye sunglasses can also help minimize the symptoms.

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