Spring, Allergies and Eyesential Sunglasses

Spring is finally here! Warm weather, flowers, green grass and a cool breeze all sound wonderful unless you suffer from allergies. For allergy-sufferers, spring conjures up a slightly different image: sneezing, runny noses and itchy, watery, swollen and red eyes. Sooner or later, allergy sufferers learn to avoid the outdoors in springtime. But regardless of how severe your allergies are, there is no need to detest spring or shun the outdoors.  Eyesential sunglasses help alleviate allergy symptoms that affect the eye thanks to a hypoallergenic foam seal on the perimeter of the inside of the glasses.  The hypoallergenic foam seal of Eyesential sunglasses acts like a gasket, blocking out wind, pollen, dust and allergens from reaching your eyes.

Wearing Eyesential sunglasses whenever you step outdoors will help minimize allergic symptoms in the eyes. Eyesential’s foam gasket is a soft rubbery strip that seals the gap between your eyes and the sunglasses. In addition to being an effective aid in easing allergic symptoms, Eyesential sunglasses block 100% UVA/UVB rays, have flexible temples for a customized and comfortable fit and have an anti-fog lens coating.

You may also try the following: place a cold compress on your closed eyes for a few minutes, use artificial tears to lubricate and flush out the pollen, avoid wearing contact lenses and use caution when using antihistamines. While they are effective at treating nasal allergy symptoms they can dry out your eyes.

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