Should You Wear Sunglasses Year Round?

By now, most of us know sunglasses are more than just fashion accessories and have made it a habit to wear sunglasses during the summer months, but many of us still don’t know we should be wearing sunglasses year-round.   UV rays don’t go away once the summer months are over.  If it is daytime, there is UV light and that light is reaching your eyes, unless you are protecting them. UV rays are present no matter the season and UV rays can cause eye sun burns, cataracts, macular degeneration, cancer of the eye and eye lid, wrinkles around the eye, and other vision and eye ailments.

Read what the professionals have to say on this topic:

Eye protection is important all year long, no matter the weather or time of year. “Thirty-one percent of UV light still comes through on cloudy days,” says Dora Adamopoulos, an optometrist in Alexandria, who adds that snow-covered surfaces reflect up to 80 percent of UV rays, as opposed to the quarter that are reflected off sand or water. Wearing sunglasses every time you go outside, during the day, can shield your eyes from harmful UV rays and preserve your eye health.

“We should all be protecting our eyes from both visible light and UV light, throughout our lifetimes, because [sun exposure] can damage structures in the cornea, the lens of the eye and the retina, as well as the skin around the eyes or eyelids,” says Michael Repka, a professor of ophthalmology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He notes that studies have shown that exposure to ultraviolet light can increase the risk for a range of vision-related problems.

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One Response to “Should You Wear Sunglasses Year Round?”

  1. Very informative information!! I absolutely agree to wearing sunglasses all year round. Living in an environment that is always sunny makes you want to always wear them all the time.