How the right sunglasses can help you look younger!


There are telltale signs of ageing that manifest all around our face which, unfortunately, is the first thing people notice about us. It is hard to make eye contact and not notice someone’s face and specifically their eyes, hair and neck.  The age trifecta -our hair, eyes and neck are the three places that betray our age. Gray hair, wrinkles around the eyes and sagging neck skin age people instantly.  A study found 77% and 79% of people consider gray hair and wrinkles respectively  as two of the top three signs of ageing.1

Men and women can look fabulous with gray hair, but the minute your gray starts showing, people inevitably think –old! Many believe nothing ages a woman faster than silvery roots. Dyeing your hair is an easy fix. It doesn’t hurt to also keep hair healthy and with a stylish cut.

Eye wrinkles can jeopardize the entire beauty of your face. Your eyes are one of the first things that people notice about you and they happen to also be one of the first places that you may develop fine lines and wrinkles. The delicate skin around the eyes is particularly susceptible to wrinkles.

One way to prevent the development of wrinkles around the eyes is to minimize the amount of time that you spend squinting in the sunlight by wearing polarized sunglasses that will block glare, relax and soothe your eyes. Solar Shield polarized makes sunglasses for eyeglass wearers called ‘fits overs’ and clipons and Solar Comfort makes polarized sunglasses for active people. Another long lasting benefit of sunglasses is they block harmful UV rays which have been linked to eye cancer, macular degeneration and cataracts.

uv protection


And finally, there is the sagging neck skin caused by drooping muscles and/or bulging fat. The skin around the neck goes limp faster than anywhere else on our body because it’s the thinnest, except for our eyelids. Trendy devices like Thermage, Ulthera, and Titan, which deliver, respectively, radio frequency, ultrasound, and infrared laser to prod into action the layers below the epidermis to produce collagen and elastin production which slow down as we get older. However many dermatologists  believe these devices don’t deliver enough energy to have a significant effects.2  Some believe face firming gymnastics are effective at toning, and firming turkey neck or you can wear turtle necks and scarves to take off years.

Let’s face it; we all want to look younger. As Norman Leaf says, “The only people who say they want to age gracefully and mean it are 18.”


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