Top 10 Travel Destinations in Winter

Top Cold Weather Travel Destinations

There are many reasons why travelling in winter is ideal. One of them is to escape the Holiday frenzy, take advantage of better prices and  smaller crowds and to escape from or to the cold weather.  The following are 5 fabulous cold and 5 warm weather winter travel destinations worth considering.

Kiruna, Sweden –Kiruna is the northernmost town in Sweden. We love it because it is  scantly populated areas and teeming with untouched wilderness. Visit the Abisko National Park, watch the Northern Lights and stay, of course, at the famous ice hotel!

ice-hotel  kiruna

Jackson Hole Wyoming –  It is  a great getaway for winter sport lovers. In Jacksonhole,  you’ll find some of the best skiing and snowmobiling, sledding, sleigh rides and snow tubing. There are also spectacular  National Park tours from the comfort of a heated snow-coach. Best of all, you won’t see Vail and Aspen crowds or high prices.


Fairbanks,  Alaska– Experience the  Arctic tundra under the dramatic northern lights,  the Chena Hot Springs Resort has a special aurorium especially for aurora borealis  viewing.  You can bask in the midnight sun (yes sun) while you dog sled or partake in curling “shuffleboard on ice”! There are many museums, art galleries, concerts and performing arts events.


Montréal, Canada – This French Canadian city comes alive in the winter with one of the most beautiful and memorable Christmas village settings. Start the winter celebration with New Year’s Eve Grand Bal and Fireworks Display at the Old Port. Next, Igloofest where thousands enjoy three weekends of bands and audio-visual displays. Top it off with Montréal’s High Lights Festival in February. It is one of the largest winter festivals in the world, with 11 days of performing arts, gastronomy and free outdoor family activities.



Bozeman, Montana – Has an international reputation of being a paradise boasting a quaint university town, a scenic valley rimmed by mountains, ski slopes and fishable rivers. Bozeman has been labeled one of America’s loveliest cities due to its eclectic community of artists, outdoorsmen, and college students.


Top Warm Weather Travel Destinations

if you are a snow bird seeking warmer lands during the cold winter months, we propose a visit to these unforgettable and warm places:

Belize –  Why visit Belize in winter? The weather is fantastic -warm, dry, sunny days and warm at nights. Enjoy warm crystal clear water, some of the best scuba diving, Mayan ruins, bird watching and a visit to the Blue Hole! The Great Blue Hole is a giant submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize. Jacques Cousteau called it one of the top ten scuba diving sites in the world.



Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico has been coined the gateway to the Caribbean but it is much more than that. It has a unique personality made up of a rich Spanish, African and American heritage. Best part about visiting Puerto Rico in winter is a holiday season like no other.  In addition to celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas, Puerto Ricans have the parrandas, a Puerto Rican version of Christmas caroling and the eight-day octavitas celebration in January. Finally, the San Sebastián Street Festival on the third weekend of January which is Puerto Rico’s Mardi Gras -four days of music, parades and religious processions for the ultimate street party!


Cuba –  22 km of beaches. Enough said. Discover biosphere reserves and natural protected areas. Explore the bustling streets of Old Havana. Stroll along the Malecón seafront avenue, stopping at the  many cafés and restaurants. Sample Cuba’s fine rum and cigars and take in the beautiful culture.


Maui, Hawaii – There’s plenty of sand, sun and surf to enjoy snorkeling, sunbathing, water sports and relaxing. But whale watching is stupendous from January- March. And no trip to the Maui is complete without a trip on one of the most amazing roads in America – the road to Hana.


Catalina Island, USA –  Set in Pacific off the coast of Los Angeles,  California, the Island of Catalina is an unsung hero of the West Coast. In winter, you’ll hardly find many tourists in Catalina making it a romantic and ideal winter getaway. Catalina is famous for its rugged hills, intimate coves, roaming Buffalo herds, historic casino and the yellow sub and flying fish tours (if the sea is not too choppy).


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