Solar Shield fits overs are on Fleek!

Solar Shield Classic Fits Over Sunglasses are Hella Hot Amongst Cool Millennials

I’m going to spill the tea….Solar Shield fits overs, the bulky sunglasses which gained popularity as ‘post-cataract surgery sunglasses’ , which are now  the best loved brand of sunglasses for eyeglass wearers, have a new fan base –millennials! YAAAAS! Young, hip and active millennials are wearing Solar Shields while skiing, snowboarding, fishing and around town! And these youngsters don’t even wear glasses! So why do they like Solar Shield fits overs so much?

Solar Shield fits over sunglasses are a lifehack of sorts. “Solar Shields are bae. They are super inexpensive, light weight, polarized, have 100% UVA/UVB protection and they are so dorky  -they are cool. My Solar Shields are giving me life! ”, said a Solar Shield devotee. The Classic styles of Solar Shield fits overs have all around protection. They have a top bar that prevents sun, wind, dust and other elements from hitting your eyes from the top, lateral windows which block light from the sides and a bottom brow which stops reflected light, snow, sand or water from blasting your eyes from below. Another advantage is that Solar Shield fits over sunglasses don’t completely encapsulate your eyes with a foam seal like goggles which means you won’t sweat around your eyes, your sunglasses don’t fog up and you will feel much more unencumbered.

Believe it, Solar Shield is bae! If you have serious FOMO, don’t worry. Get your own pair at and use code BLOG30 to get 30% off!

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