Smart Sunglasses that Get in Your Head and Let You Know When to Chill

Smart gadgets are the hot trend these days. From robotic vacuum cleaners that inhale dirt and dust bunnies scattered on your floor all by themselves, to smart watches that act as phones, personal assistants and athletic trainers, to smart refrigerators that let you know when you are low on milk and eggs, to smart diaper changing tables that keep tabs on your baby’s weight, diaper changes and more. Smart gadgets are designed to make our life easier and better and we can’t seem to get enough of them these days.


Just about every object around us has been ‘smart’,  connected, automated, made to provide information or act as something other than what it is. This is true for sunglasses also. Smart sunglasses like the Smith Lowdown Focus M powered by Muse virtually get in your head. These sunglasses are outfitted with two sensors on the temple tips and three sensors on the nose pad which detect brainwaves and eye movement, which in turn are connected, via Bluetooth to an app, which allows you to monitor your brain activity during meditation, training sessions and beyond. When feeling stressed or distracted, your sunglasses will literally remind you to “BREATHE & FOCUS”!


Coaches, sports psychologists, athletes, physicians, people looking to lower stress levels, people seeking to improve their health and others, could benefit from these smart sunglasses since they could assist reach better levels of performance and better overall health.

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