Why Self-Driving Cars are a Fabulous Idea

Imagine sitting in a car while watching the news or playing cards with the kids, truck drivers never falling asleep at the wheel of their semis on long cross-country trips, grandma not swerving on the road because she can’t see well at night, junior getting himself to football practice on time, and Buster going to his vet appointment all by himself! Self-driving vehicles could make our roads safes and our lives a lot more enjoyable. Mom screaming at her teen to slow down during driving lessons in the Walmart parking lot may be a memory of the past along with rotary phones and VCRs.

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Self Driving Car News

The future is just around the corner! California, Idaho, Nevada, Michigan and Washington D.C. have all passed laws allowing driverless cars on their roads. Autonomous vehicle companies are popping up left and right. NuTonomy’s goal is to provide self-driving taxi services in Singapore by 2018. Delphi and MobilEye vow to provide off-the-shelf self-driving systems by 2019. Ford’s CEO announced that their fully autonomous vehicles would be launched in 2021. Volkswagen expects their first self-driving cars on the market by 2019. BMW, GM, Elon Musk, Toyota, Jaguar, Nissan and others are also planning to unveil their own autonomous vehicles before 2025. At this rate of growth, by 2040 75% or more of all vehicles on the road could be self-driving!

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Let’s face it, we are a nation (world, really) of mediocre drivers constantly distracted by music, screaming kids, phones, traffic and much more. Google says they are not in the car-making business. Nope, Google says it is in the driver-making business, according to Dmitri Dolgov, Google’s head of self-driving technology.  Vehicles with artificial intelligence to drive themselves will not be cheap, but definitely worth it.  Is there a downside to these amazing-sounding self-driving vehicles? Of course, but we’ll let Google and Tesla worry about hacking and the future of public transportation and Driver’s Ed.

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The one thing you will need to be mindful of whether you are a driver or a passenger in a vehicle, is the health of your eyes. Always wear sunglasses with 100% UV Protection and Polarization to block glare.

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