Safety is important year round and especially around the holidays primarily because we tend to do more things at once and often in a hurry. One of the things we do more of during the holidays is –cook.  Each year, hundreds of people are injured in cooking accidents involving steam, hot oil, splattered grease, and more, all because they weren’t wearing protective eyewear in the kitchen.  Safety glasses like Guardian Pro by Solar Shield are perfect for mundane tasks like chopping onions to gourmet tasks like torching crème brulées.

man chopping onions     torching creme

Guardian Pro safety glasses are also ideal while cleaning the furnace and fireplace. The smoke, chemicals and ashes are very dangerous and wearing safety eyewear is imperative. But don’t stop at cleaning the fireplace. When you go out to chop the wood for the fire place or cut down the Christmas tree, be sure to wear safety glasses.

chop wood cleaning fireplace

And you can’t go wrong wearing safety glasses while hanging Christmas lights or setting up large ornaments outdoors. You never know when you might need them.

Of course, there is always the unexpected snow ball fight too, so be prepared with a pair of Guardian Pro safety glasses. They are a great deal less expensive than fancy goggles.

At under $17, Guardian Pro safety glasses are a great investment and they also make a great gift for the DIYer on your list.  Guardian Pro is available in clear, yellow and smoke for indoor and outdoor use. You can wear Guardian Pro safety glasses over prescription glasses or alone.  Enter Promo Code: BLOG15, at checkout, to receive 15% off any item – except clearance items.   Safety first! Get a few pairs today!

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