Rubbing your Eyes – Pros and Cons


Feeling tired, sleepy? Have dry, burning, itchy eyes? If you are tempted to rub your eyes, stop!  Read this first. You might want to reconsider.

PROS of Rubbing Your Eyes

There are no pros to rubbing your eyes.  Rubbing your eyes very gently (which is not rubbing but rather gently massaging) helps stimulate the lacrimal glands to secrete tears, helping lubricate eyes that are dry or itchy. A gentle eye massage can help relieve stress as well. Pressing down on the eyeball can stimulate the oculocardiac reflex which can decrease stress and slow heart rate as a consequence of applying pressure directly to the eyeball


CONS of Rubbing Your Eyes

Bacteria Transfers From Your Hands To Your Eyes. Anytime we touch our eyes without washing our hands, we risk transferring that bacteria and exposing our eyes to infection.

If you’re rubbing your eyes for allergy relief, you could be making it worse! Allergens can become trapped in your eyelashes and when rubbed, can be transferred to the eye’s surface.

Rubbing your eyes can break tiny blood vessels beneath the skin’s surface, resulting in dark circles, puffiness and drooping eyelids.

Excessive eye-rubbing can worsen the vision   in people with some types of myopia (short-sightedness). In cases of extreme eye- rubbing, the retina may detach from the back of the eye due to pressure.

Rubbing can harm the front of the eye as well. The combination of the pressure and rubbing motion of can potentially damage the cornea. The cornea may weaken or tear causing significant loss of vision.


While rubbing and eyes don’t mix, sunglasses and eyes, do.  Sunglasses are a fabulous defense against the urge to rub your eyes. Protect your eyes from glare and UV rays with Solar Shield sunglasses which can be worn directly over your eyeglasses.   get 30% off with code: BLOG30

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  1. Eyes itching is really a issues. It’s very problematic for our eyes. You wrote very good article on it.