Motorcycle Night Riding Glasses

Riding motorcycles at night can be one of the most enjoyable experiences as a motorcycle rider. It is a stimulating experience to slice through the night while taking in the quiet, stillness, brisk air, starred sky and the feeling of solitude….unless you are riding in a metropolitan area. There’s no question that riding at night can be pleasurable but it is also dangerous.

When the sun goes down, your vision decreases and that of everyone else on the road. This means you have to be extra alert and practice safe riding. Do not over-ride your headlights! You can only see what your lights can illuminate. If you cannot bring the bike to a safe stop within the range of your window into the darkness, you could be in trouble. In order to avoid hazards you need to see them and plan for them.

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Take safety measures to diminish the risks associated with night riding.

  • In addition to low visibility at night, you should also take into account other added dangers like drunk drivers and nocturnal animals. Increase your vision with bright LED headlights and keep them clean and adjusted properly. You should also replace you headlight bulbs regularly. Headlights grow dimmer as they age. As a rule of thumb, replace yours every year or so, if you’re riding regularly.
  • Avoid being blinded by other vehicle’s headlights particularly from oncoming and turning traffic. Focus your peripheral vision on the white line painted on the road’s rightmost edge to avoid being blinded. The white line follows the path of the road so you can stay on course.
  • Animals and drunk drivers pose a huge rink to motorcycle riders at night. They are unpredictable and give you no time to take evasive maneuvers. Expect animals to be present especially in rural areas and slow down.
  • Wear night motorcycle glasses. Night driving glasses, or night drivers, can help enhance shapes and forms in low light and block the glare from lights allowing you to better see animals, turns and signs, while preventing you from being blinded by lights. But buyer beware! Not all night driving glasses are equal. Solar Shield Night Drivers are the best night driving glasses for several reasons. 1) The yellow tint enhances contrast allowing riders to see better at night. 2) The Night Drivers lenses have an anti-reflective coating that eliminates the glare from headlights and reflected light from fog and rain. 3) Most importantly, these glasses are the only ones on the market that pass the Global Traffic Light Transmission Standards, which means their specialized yellow tint allows you to differentiate between green, yellow and red lights.

Solar Shield night driving glasses are great for motorcycle riding because you can wear them alone or over your eyeglasses. Night Drivers by Solar Shield are available at . Get yourself a few pairs! Enter code BLOG30 at checkout and get 30% off your order (excludes clearance items).

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