What to look for as our eyes mature?

As we age our vision deteriorates as well.  At 40 we are likely to see signs of presbyopia. We begin to need to reading glasses to see the small print. When we turn 50, cataracts could start to form in your eyes.

Between the ages of 60-70, our chances of developing diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration increase significantly. And as we approach 80, we have a 12% chance of developing glaucoma.

There are many subtle changes in our vision that any number of these eye health-related issues could be contributing to.

Smaller pupils – With age, the muscles that open and close our pupils weaken. Our pupils get smaller and they are less likely to react to light changes.

Dry eyes – As we get older, we also lose the ability to produce tears causing tired, itchy and red dry eyes.

Reduced peripheral vision – We tend to lose 1-2 degrees of vision per decade which is why by the time we reach our 70’s our visual field has narrowed significantly.

Loss of color brightness and contrast – As a part of aging, retinal cells become less sensitive to color and brightness.

Spots, floaters and flashes – The clear jelly inside the eye begins to liquefy and pull away from the retina, causing “spots and floaters” and (sometimes) flashes of light. This is referred to as vitreous detachment.

There are many ways you can prevent, mitigate and/or treat eye health issues. See your eye doctor and get eye-exams frequently. Your eye doctor is the best person to provide advice regarding your eye health and vision.

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