Do you really need Sunglasses after Cataract Surgery?

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After cataract eye surgery, protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is more important than ever as your retina may be less able to protect you from those rays. 1


A number of scientific studies indicate that spending long hours in the sun without eye protection can damage your eyes by contributing to cataracts and growths in the eye, including cancer. Based on these studies, ophthalmologists  recommend wearing  99 percent and higher UV (ultraviolet radiation)-absorbent sunglasses and a brimmed hat outdoors.




Proper sunglasses are key to protecting your eyes from sun-related damage and should always be worn outdoors particularly by individuals who have just had cataract surgery, LASIK or photodynamic therapy for age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

More than two million Americans have cataract surgery each year. During this procedure, the eye’s lens is removed and usually replaced by an intraocular lens (IOL).  leaving the eye more vulnerable to UV light.

UV-blocking sunglasses and a hat are a must for added protection after any eye surgery. Even patients  who receive UV absorbent IOLs should wear sunglasses and hats for an extra measure of defense.2  Choose polarized sunglasses with 100%UVA/UVB Protection and preferably with a wrap-around design. Quality sunglasses help your eye to heal and safeguard your macula from any further sun damage.

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