What Causes Twitchy Eyes?

First, let’s clear up one thing about twitchy eyes or eye dystonia. It is not your eyeball that it is moving involuntarily. It’s your eyelid that is spasming. Twitchy eyelids have a fancy medical name –blepharospasm. The twitching typically occurs in the upper eyelid and it is often caused by stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, bright lights, wind, pollution, caffeine, tobacco or alcohol. In rare cases the twitching is caused by more serious conditions and even brain disorders.


Who gets twitchy eyes?

Twitchy eyes, eye dystonia or blepharospasm usually appears in 40-50 year olds and gradually gets worse. Only about 2,000 people are year are diagnosed with it in the United States. Women are twice as likely to get it as men.


The bad news is there is currently no cure for twitchy eyes. The good news is that most twitchy eyes go away on their own abut there are treatment options that can help mitigate the symptoms.

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