3 Awesome Things to Try in 2016 – That are really good for you!


  1. Boba Tea

There’s a big drink craze going on – Boba Tea! And you should definitely try it.

Boba Tea has been very popular in the Asian communities for many years and it has finally made its way west. It is made with milk, flavored tea and tapioca pearls.  Boba Tea is a feast for the senses. For your eyes, there’s a nice mixture of colors and shapes: milky pastel colored liquid with black tapioca pearls at the bottom of the glass.  For your taste buds: The yummy sweetness of tea and creamy milk with fun and surprising gummy tapioca pearls. And for your sense of smell: a sweet almost floral aroma.  Heavenly!

Bubble tea

Bubble tea


  1. TSA Pre-Check

With a TSA Pre Check status you get a few perks as a traveler. You get to go through a shorter security line and you don’t have to take off your shoes, light jacket, belt, or take out your laptop from its case, which not only saves time, but lots of hassle and stress.

To sign up, go on the TSA website to fill out an online form. You will have to go to a local office or the airport to get fingerprinted. You can either sign up for an appointment in advance, or you can walk in. The cost is about $85 and worth every cent even if you don’t travel frequently.


3. Solar Shield ‘Fits Over’ Sunglasses

Not all fitover style sunglasses are alike. Solar Shield ‘fits overs’ are truly the best. For eyeglass-wearers, sun protection can be tricky. Transitions glasses don’t seem to get dark enough for very sunny days and   prescription sunglasses are super expensive and have to be replaced every time your prescription changes.  Solar Shield ‘fits overs’ do a fantastic job of providing protection for your eyes  and they now come in many shapes, sizes and colors. There are even some very youthful and hip designs. No one will know you are wearing eyeglasses underneath! Go to: www.solarshield.com  code: BLOG30  to get 30% off.