Great Gifts for Dad! Practical and Affordable

croquet fits stephenThis Father’s Day, celebrate your eyeglass-wearing dad’s passions, interests and hobbies with a gift that is practical, thoughtful and affordable- Haven® Fits Over sunglasses and Guardian Pro® safety glasses! After all, hobbies offer enjoyment, make you more interesting, keep your mind and motor skills sharp, develop your creativity, can help you meet people and learn valuable skills.

Here are a few gift suggestions for eyeglass-wearing dads who enjoy popular hobbies. These perfect Father’s Day gifts are sure to make his day and best of all; they are all under $35!

Woodworker/Furniture Restorer/Model-Builder
You know the type, he takes pieces of ordinary wood and creates amazing things like sleds, bookshelves, rocking chairs and jewelry boxes. He carefully measures, cuts, glues, nails, sands, paints and stains, until a beautiful object emerges. If your eyeglass-wearing dad enjoys wood-working or model building, a pair of Guardian Pro® safety glasses is perfect for him. They are available in clear, yellow and smoke for indoor or outdoor use.

Gardening is a wonderful hobby since it affords exercise, sunlight, fresh air and the satisfaction of enjoying your harvest. If your eyeglass-wearing dad loves to be one with the earth and grow herbs, veggies, fruits or flowers, he’s bound to need sun-protection. Whether the day is sunny or overcast, UV rays will do a number on his eyes unless he has sunglasses with 100% UVA/UVB protection which he can wear over his eyeglasses. Haven® fits over sunglasses and clipons are specifically designed to be worn over eyeglasses. http://www.Haven®

Fisherman/Hunter/Motorcycle rider
Your fisherman, hunter or motorcycle rider dad is up at the crack of dawn and stays out till sunset hoping to catch (or ride) the big one. In low light conditions, like early morning and evening, you need sunglasses that enhance contrast while still blocking out UV rays. Haven® yellow lens sunglasses are ideal at sharpening visual acuity. Haven® Summerwood fits over sunglasses are designed to be worn over prescription glasses, readers or alone.® /Haven® -classic-summerwood.html

Your dad loves classic car restoration, he knows a bit of engineering, he’s great at problem solving, and loves the gratifying feeling of success when the car he worked on purrs like a kitten. He is a grease monkey through and through. He spends hours outside in the drive way and when he finally comes inside, he’s covered in sweat, grease and sunburned –but happy. For your car-restorer eyeglass-wearing dad, Haven® fits over sunglasses and clipons are the ideal gift. The Optify® lens coating has an oleophobic layer that repels water, sweat, oil and smudges. And they block glare and UV rays too! So at the end of the day, at least his sunglasses will be clean. http://www.Haven®

Outdoorsman: camper/ backpacker/hiker/boater/archer
Nothing makes an outdoorsman more irritated than worrying about his sunglasses falling off while hiking, kayaking, backpacking or boating. Outdoorsmen want great sun protection that stays on and they don’t have to think about. That is why Haven® fits over sunglasses and clipons are perfect for the outdoorsy dad. Haven® sunglasses have BendToFit temples to ensure a customized and comfortable fit. Haven® clipons have bendable prongs to adjust to virtually all eyeglass frames, without scratching them. http://www.Haven®

This Father’s day, ditch the tie, forget the wallet and bypass the picture frame. What dad really wants is a practical and cool ‘gadget’ that he can wear over his prescription glasses to protect him against the sun while enjoying his favorite hobby! In other words, he wants Haven® fits overs and clipons.
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