Snow Blindness Prevention

Many people will be heading to the mountains this winter to enjoy hiking, snow shoeing, sledding, skiing and cross country skiing and other outdoor activities and without proper eye protection, they could be at danger of experiencing snow blindness. Just like a skin sun burn, snow blindness may not be noticed for several hours after sun exposure so it is extremely important to protect your eyes when outdoors in the snow or high altitudes. Snow blindness is caused by overexposure to the sun’s rays in snow covered terrain. Snow blindness is literally sunburn of the eyes.  It is painful and dangerous Snow Blindness Symptoms Snow blindness may indeed be as bad as its name implies and lead to temporary and even permanent loss of eyesight, but symptoms may include tearing or watering of the eyes, bloodshot eyes, twitching of the … Read More

Top Outdoor Winter activities for People over 50

Travel Not surprising, travelling in winter is one of the top outdoor activities for seniors. Seniors have the time and oftentimes the money, to travel which is why pre-arranged tours and cruises to popular destinations in Asia, Europe and Latin America are so popular among people over 50.  There is also a new trend is for “experience” travel  focused on senior citizens, such as safaris in Africa, camel riding in Mongolia and snorkeling in the Caribbean.   T’ai chi T’ai chi’s focuses on balance both of the mind and the body. It is for that reason that T’ai Chi has become very popular with senior citizens, as it stimulates blood flow, concentration and flexibility. It can also help alleviate stress and develop a deeper sense of self-identity and spirituality. You will find T’ai Chi is best enjoyed outdoors in the … Read More