Your Eyes Speak Volumes – Why Visiting your Eye Doctor could save your Life!

You could imagine a visit to the eye doctor improving your vision but you probably never pictured it could save your life. Well, it can! Your eyes hold amazing cues to your overall health which your eye doctor can easily see and interpret. These cues can be a tell-tale of hypertension, high cholesterol, melanoma or high blood sugar. Your eye doctor could detect a serious health problem such as high cholesterol if he notices yellowish plaques within the retinal blood vessels or he could suspect high blood pressure if your eyes arteries are showing  a silver or copper coloring. If not caught early, blood vessels in the retina and throughout the body may harden, increasing your risk for heart attack or stroke. Leaky blood vessels might be a sign of diabetes. High blood sugar can clog and damage retinal blood … Read More

5 Minutes to the Perfect Pair of Solar Shield Fits Over

Finding the perfect Solar Shield fits over sunglass takes literally less than 5 minutes. Considering all the money you save, the versatility you’ll achieve, how good you’ll look and the eye-health benefits you’ll gain, it is a small investment. Visit your local club, box, grocery or drug store and look for the Solar Shield display. Look at the shape and size of your prescription glasses and determine if they are: Slim rectangular or oval Large Round or rectangular Aviator (dropping lenses) If you answered: Slim: The Panorama (wraparound with no side windows) or Fashion (no side windows) is best. Large: The Classic or Sport will fit you best Aviator: The Classic Aviators are your best choice Find the collection on the tag or color lens label. Try the Solar Shield fits overs on! Slide the fits overs over your prescription … Read More