Spring Trivia!!!!

·         Folklore has it that during the Vernal Equinox you can stand an uncooked egg on its end and it won’t fall over. Perhaps Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall at the wrong time of year! ·         For many of us, spring cleaning is an annual occurrence. Did you know that pagan tradition believed that spring cleaning brought good energy into their homes? The catch is that the scrubbing had to be done in a clockwise direction. That means “wax on” but no “wax off”! ·         Ancient civilizations created markers, such as Stonehenge, to measure the changing seasons. Imagine changing that calendar every year! ·         Native Americans referred to March’s full moon as the “Full Worm Moon”. It is around this time that worms can be observed surfacing from below the soil (and birds circling overhead). ·         If you were … Read More

Allergy Season is Here! Read these Tips to Keep Allergies at Bay!

This year, we’ve had particularly bad weather on the East coast and in the Midwest of the U.S., so it is no wonder we are fervently looking forward to spring. The snow, heavy layers of clothing, rain and cold get old after a while and we long for sunshine, light clothes and color! I am looking forward to all that spring brings except pollen and allergies! I spend a good part of spring sneezing, wiping watery eyes, treating my nose congestion, sucking on cough drops for my itchy throat and coughing, thanks to allergies. I love the flower-making power of pollen but not what it does to my body. Over the years, I’ve learned how to keep pollen out of my life. I fill in the space created by open doors and windows with HEPA filters, exercise outdoors in the … Read More

Spring, Allergies and Eyesential Sunglasses

Spring is finally here! Warm weather, flowers, green grass and a cool breeze all sound wonderful unless you suffer from allergies. For allergy-sufferers, spring conjures up a slightly different image: sneezing, runny noses and itchy, watery, swollen and red eyes. Sooner or later, allergy sufferers learn to avoid the outdoors in springtime. But regardless of how severe your allergies are, there is no need to detest spring or shun the outdoors.  Eyesential sunglasses help alleviate allergy symptoms that affect the eye thanks to a hypoallergenic foam seal on the perimeter of the inside of the glasses.  The hypoallergenic foam seal of Eyesential sunglasses acts like a gasket, blocking out wind, pollen, dust and allergens from reaching your eyes. Wearing Eyesential sunglasses whenever you step outdoors will help minimize allergic symptoms in the eyes. Eyesential’s foam gasket is a soft rubbery … Read More