Solar Shield fits overs are on Fleek!

Solar Shield Classic Fits Over Sunglasses are Hella Hot Amongst Cool Millennials I’m going to spill the tea….Solar Shield fits overs, the bulky sunglasses which gained popularity as ‘post-cataract surgery sunglasses’ , which are now  the best loved brand of sunglasses for eyeglass wearers, have a new fan base –millennials! YAAAAS! Young, hip and active millennials are wearing Solar Shields while skiing, snowboarding, fishing and around town! And these youngsters don’t even wear glasses! So why do they like Solar Shield fits overs so much? Solar Shield fits over sunglasses are a lifehack of sorts. “Solar Shields are bae. They are super inexpensive, light weight, polarized, have 100% UVA/UVB protection and they are so dorky  -they are cool. My Solar Shields are giving me life! ”, said a Solar Shield devotee. The Classic styles of Solar Shield fits overs have … Read More

So Many Solar Shield ‘Fits over’ sunglasses and Clip-on Styles -There’s One for You!

  Did you know 3 out of 4 adults wear glasses of some sort? Thankfully, Solar Shield brand has one of the most extensive lines of fits over sunglasses and clipons in the industry. Many people can think of only the large goggle-type fitovers of years past, but the reality is there are a myriad of styles in the market today. In the fits over category, Solar Shield has 5 collections: classic, sport, panorama, fashion and designer. Solar Shield Classics refers to fits overs with classic rectangular and round shapes, side windows and a top and bottom shield. Sport fits overs have racier more tapered shapes, also have side windows and top and bottom shield. However, since these Solar Shields are meant for sport, the top shield has small vents so lenses don’t fog up during activity.   The Panorama … Read More

An Affordable Alternative to Prescription Sunglasses

Did you know that between 80-90% of adults who purchase eyeglasses don’t purchase sun-protection? Do we want to improve our vision but not protect it? Doubtful.  The reality is that prescription eyeglasses are not cheap. They can set us back between $100-400 easily.  Most people would not consider adding the high cost of prescription sunglasses on to their eyeglass purchase. And who wants to spend $200-300 on prescription sunglasses only to have your eye doctor tell you that your prescription has changed 8 months later? Our prescriptions change subtly over time and adults over 40 should expect to see changes in their prescription every year. Luckily there is an alternative to prescription sunglasses – fits overs! Sunglasses that fit over eyeglasses, commonly known as ‘fits overs’ or ‘fitovers’ have been around for decades and for good reason. They are an … Read More

Solar Shield’s Music Video by IU, Independent Artists United

One lazy afternoon as I was browsing through You Tube, I came across “Solar Shield’s Music Video”! What???? Solar Shields are the sunglasses you wear over your glasses right? They have a music video? How could I not watch it? Curiosity won. The music video was hilarious and I fell in love with the band, the story of the music video and the band’s philosophy. It turns out the lead singer of the iU band, James Powell, actually inherited his first pair of Solar Shields from his grandma when she gave him her car in high school.  James found the Solar Shield sunglasses in the car’s glove box and started wearing them.  He used to get really bad headaches and claimed that the Solar Shields helped prevent his head aches from occurring.  Long story short, he and his friend Travis … Read More

Support our Troops

Are you looking for ways to support U.S. military personnel? After all, we should all honor the individuals who protect our security and freedom. Long gone are the days when you could put together a care package and mail it to “Any Service Member”. With increased security restrictions, the government is asking people to help by making financial contributions, writing letters and e-mails, purchasing authorized pre-made care packages and by volunteering to organizations that support the military, rather than sending anonymous packages. The following charitable organizations do a great job sending gifts, cards, and care packages to our troops. Adopt a Platoon, Blue Star Mothers, Books for Soldiers, Cell Phones for Soldiers, Commissary Gift Certificates, Operation Gratitude, Operation Homefront Hugs, Operation Troop Aid and Operation USO Care Package. Visit their websites to learn more about ways you can contribute to … Read More

Are ClipOns and Fits Overs getting Bigger? / Over-the-glass sunglasses growing in size

Good question! Yes. One reason is our heads are getting bigger! Recent forensic research suggests that the heads of Americans are growing. National Geographic recently reported the discovery that skulls of white Americans have significantly increased in size since 1825. Biological Anthropologist Richard Jantz, from the University of Tennessee, measured hundreds of skulls of Caucasian Americans born between 1825 and 1985. His findings suggest that the typical American head has grown by about a third of an inch (8 mm) over the last 160 years. This translates to about a tennis ball’s worth of new brain space. Why are our heads getting bigger? “The varieties of changes that have swept American life make determining an exact cause an endlessly complicated proposition,” said Lee Jantz. “It likely results from modified growth patterns because of better nutrition, lower infant and maternal mortality, … Read More

5 Minutes to the Perfect Pair of Solar Shield Fits Over

Finding the perfect Solar Shield fits over sunglass takes literally less than 5 minutes. Considering all the money you save, the versatility you’ll achieve, how good you’ll look and the eye-health benefits you’ll gain, it is a small investment. Visit your local club, box, grocery or drug store and look for the Solar Shield display. Look at the shape and size of your prescription glasses and determine if they are: Slim rectangular or oval Large Round or rectangular Aviator (dropping lenses) If you answered: Slim: The Panorama (wraparound with no side windows) or Fashion (no side windows) is best. Large: The Classic or Sport will fit you best Aviator: The Classic Aviators are your best choice Find the collection on the tag or color lens label. Try the Solar Shield fits overs on! Slide the fits overs over your prescription … Read More

UV (Ultraviolet) Light and Eye-Health

Nearly 22 million Americans over 40 have cataracts. Over 2.3 million Americans over 40 are affected by glaucoma. More than 2 million Americans have macular degeneration. Long term exposure to UV rays – natural from the sun or artificial from tanning beds and other sources, causes damage to your eyes. The damage can range from snow blindness (Photokeratitis) to eye cancer. UV light exposure has a cumulative effect on the eyes. Damage to your eyes today, leads to eye-health problems tomorrow. UVA light can penetrate deeper into the eye and skin than UVA rays. UVA can affect your central vision and damage the macula (part of the retina in the back of the eye). Everyone is at risk of eye damage from UV light Look for sunglasses that are Polarized which means they block glare Wear sunglasses even on overcast … Read More