Pay for it with Your Smart Sunglasses

Cash or credit? None, I’ll use my sunglasses thank you! That’s right, Visa, the credit card company unveiled a prototype of smart sunglasses that can be used in place of an ordinary credit card. As if paying with plastic was not easy enough. The smart sunglasses by Visa look just like regular sunglasses but have hidden technology that makes a huge difference. How would they work? A chip would be embedded in the sunglasses temple (a.k.a. arm). You would walk up to the register or iPad, remove your sunglasses and tap them on a Visa near field communication (NFC) enabled terminal.  No need to swipe a card. This would be great news for people who like to travel light. While you wait for wearable technology to catch on big, always wear sunglasses whether it is sunny or overcast. Protecting your … Read More

Smart Specs Glasses Could Help the Blind See

Smart Specs were developed by scientists in the UK to capture real-time images and enhance the contrast for legally blind individuals. There are many levels of blindness and about 90% of people labeled as ‘blind’ have some degree of sight. Smart Specs look like binoculars or ViewFinders with a strap that keeps them secured to your head. The idea for Smart Specs originated from 3D cameras originally developed for the Xbox to capture real-time images. The images are contrast-enhanced and displayed on a screen in front of the user’s eyes. Dark things become black, while bright things become white. Far away objects are simply erased to reduce visual clutter. Objects that would normally blend into each other like a sofa, carpet, and dog of the same color, would be more clearly identifiable as 3 distinct objects. Hannah Thompson, a legally … Read More