5 Must- Do Back Back Yard Landscape Ideas

If you are thinking of updating or refreshing your back yard, here are 5 back yard landscaping trends you should be aware of before starting. Even if you don’t think your back yard needs a makeover, by the time you read this, we guarantee you’ll have some ideas on how to make it better. Easy and Smart – People are opting for landscape designs that require little time, energy and water. Drought tolerant plants like succulents, Firecracker Penstemon, Sulphur Buckwheat, Sheep Fescue, Mexican Sage and California Fuschia are all great plants to consider for arid regions since they require little water and are very attractive. Consider adding a rock creek or a patio made with pavers to cut down on yard maintenance.   Productive – Edible gardens are very popular because of the gratification that comes from planting something, watching … Read More