Great Gift Ideas for Dad!

  Who says shopping for dad is tough? Fathers (all men for that matter) are easily pleased. For the most part, they like practical, relevant and durable gifts. Forget the frilly stuff, the home-made trinkets and the “World’s greatest dad” ties and stick to the tried-and-trues. Here are a few no-fail suggestions of perfect gifts for dad. Watches – Whether dad is techy, classic or sporty, a watch is the one accessory and essential gear all men can agree on.  A quality and great looking time piece is definitely an impressive gift. Cobra sold by Soleasy    Montblanc Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum Citizen Eco Drive Meat – Ok, so not all dads are carnivores but many men melt at the mere mention of a Porterhouse, Rib eye or rack of ribs. My Chicago Steak, Omaha Steaks and Kansas City Steaks are … Read More


      Quality polarized sunglasses are essential gear for anglers of every kind –fly fishermen, ocean fishermen, fresh water fishermen and even ice fishermen! And by ‘men’ we also mean ‘women’. The damaging power of the sun multiplies as rays reflect off of water and ice turning an otherwise enjoyable activity into a painful game of dodge the light. Another reason fishermen absolutely need sunglasses is  – hooks! The last thing any angler wants is to get their precious hooks anywhere near their precious eyes.  Hooks and eyeballs …never the twain shall meet! Last but not least, quality sunglasses are indispensable for keeping water, wind and whacks (sails, rods, flopping fish, etc.) away from the eyes. Recently, we discovered a line of exceptionally good quality ‘fits over’ type sunglasses that are ideal for eyeglass-wearing anglers –Haven. Haven ‘fits over sunglasses’ … Read More