Living the RV life! Tips for a successful trip

The U.S. is a diverse and exciting country and one of the best ways to experience it is RVing.  Traveling in a Recreational Vehicle combines all three of Americans’ top love affairs: cars, freedom and excitement. But before you leave on your first or next RV adventure, plan! #1)  Do a complete mechanical checkup of your RV and outfit it with all the necessities: flashlights, camping food, first aid kit, games, tools, kitchen utensils, fuel, insect repellent, books, maps, batteries, matches, bedding, trash bags, toiletries, medications, water, etc. #2) Be prepared with easy and RV-friendly recipes like Chicken in foil pouch. Oven Temp: 400 Ingredients 1 plump chicken breast 1 large potato, chunked 1/2 onion, chopped Salt and pepper, to taste Ranch dressing Directions: Place chicken on aluminum foil, layer next with potatoes, onion, salt and pepper. Drizzle ranch dressing over all. … Read More

Top Outdoor Winter activities for People over 50

Travel Not surprising, travelling in winter is one of the top outdoor activities for seniors. Seniors have the time and oftentimes the money, to travel which is why pre-arranged tours and cruises to popular destinations in Asia, Europe and Latin America are so popular among people over 50.  There is also a new trend is for “experience” travel  focused on senior citizens, such as safaris in Africa, camel riding in Mongolia and snorkeling in the Caribbean.   T’ai chi T’ai chi’s focuses on balance both of the mind and the body. It is for that reason that T’ai Chi has become very popular with senior citizens, as it stimulates blood flow, concentration and flexibility. It can also help alleviate stress and develop a deeper sense of self-identity and spirituality. You will find T’ai Chi is best enjoyed outdoors in the … Read More

Glamping – Glamourous Camping

Camping in the great outdoors connects us with and allows us to experience nature at its rawest. Fresh air, unspoiled vistas, solitude, freedom from technology, natural beauty and the liberating feeling of the outdoors is incomparable. However, ‘roughing it’, or dealing with annoying bugs, lack of electricity and plumbing, wild animals, uncomfortable and unsanitary conditions, unpredictable weather, cold leaky tents, smelly sleeping bags and questionable food is not so appealing to many. Just ask anyone who’s tried to put on contact lenses inside a small tent without a mirror, water or soap! The solution: Glamping! – A perfect combination of glamour and camping. This recent phenomenon has caught on fire because it fuses the best of camping and the best of a well-appointed hotel. When you’re glamping, there’s no tent to pitch in the dark, no fire to build and … Read More