Best Holiday gift idea for 30-somethings under $30

We have a great Christmas Gift idea that is creative, practical and fashionable, and under $30!! Does anyone on your gift list wear glasses and is under 30 years old? Then you have got to check out Solar Shield’s Iconic Collection of Sunglasses on These are no ordinary sunglasses! They might look cool and hip like Clubmasters, Aviators, Wayfarers and the Jackie O Round, but they are way more than that. They are sunglasses designed to fit over eyeglasses. Yes! Sunglasses you purposely wear over eyeglasses. You might have heard of ‘fitovers’ and thought ‘older person’, right? Well, the Iconic Collection sunglasses from Solar Shield are far from that. They are new, hip, cool, trendy and under $30. These are sunglasses your son, daughter, niece, and cool friend would wear and no one would even know they are wearing them … Read More

Solar Shield® Launches Iconic Collection of ‘fitsovers’ – The Best Looking Sunglasses for Eyeglass-Wearers!

Solar Shield® proudly presents its new collection of hip, stylish and, dare we say, unfitsover-like, sunglasses for use over eyeglasses. The 6 new styles, aptly named after famous streets: Hollywood-L.A. streets Fairfax, Melrose, Beverly, Hollywood Blvd., Bronson and Santa Monica, feature an assortment of legendary sunglass silhouettes that have become favorites across generations and genders.    In recent years, Solar Shield® ‘fits over’ sunglass line has incorporated trend–forward features, youth-appealing shapes and new colorways but the new Solar Shield®’s iconic styles are a much bolder departure. This new collection will revolutionize the fits over industry and the way consumers perceive over-the-glass sunglasses by destroying the cataract-sunglass stigma surrounding the category. The new collection of iconic sunglasses for eyeglass-wearers by Solar Shield® is arguably the best looking grouping of ‘fits overs’ in the market today, which also boast a remarkable fit range … Read More

Why Self-Driving Cars are a Fabulous Idea

Imagine sitting in a car while watching the news or playing cards with the kids, truck drivers never falling asleep at the wheel of their semis on long cross-country trips, grandma not swerving on the road because she can’t see well at night, junior getting himself to football practice on time, and Buster going to his vet appointment all by himself! Self-driving vehicles could make our roads safes and our lives a lot more enjoyable. Mom screaming at her teen to slow down during driving lessons in the Walmart parking lot may be a memory of the past along with rotary phones and VCRs.    Self Driving Car News The future is just around the corner! California, Idaho, Nevada, Michigan and Washington D.C. have all passed laws allowing driverless cars on their roads. Autonomous vehicle companies are popping up left … Read More

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Winter

Top Cold Weather Travel Destinations There are many reasons why travelling in winter is ideal. One of them is to escape the Holiday frenzy, take advantage of better prices and  smaller crowds and to escape from or to the cold weather.  The following are 5 fabulous cold and 5 warm weather winter travel destinations worth considering. Kiruna, Sweden –Kiruna is the northernmost town in Sweden. We love it because it is  scantly populated areas and teeming with untouched wilderness. Visit the Abisko National Park, watch the Northern Lights and stay, of course, at the famous ice hotel!    Jackson Hole Wyoming –  It is  a great getaway for winter sport lovers. In Jacksonhole,  you’ll find some of the best skiing and snowmobiling, sledding, sleigh rides and snow tubing. There are also spectacular  National Park tours from the comfort of a … Read More

Choose the Best Case for your Sunglasses

Keep Your Favorite Sunglasses Scratch-Free and Safe with a Protective Case Sunglass cases come in many shapes and sizes but there is no doubt that placing your sunglasses in a case when you are not using them protects sunglasses from scratches, smudges, breaking or bending and getting lost. Hard Large Plastic Sunglass Cases (aka Clam Case) Pros: Has a fashionable, sturdy construction for maximum protection and they fit most of the larger on-trend shapes. Cons: They are large and don’t easily fit in a purse and can be cumbersome to carry around. Squeeze Top Sunglass Soft Cases Pros: These sunglass cases can fit most small and medium sunglasses, aren’t bulky and offer pretty decent protection. The snap top is easy to open and close and keeps sunglasses safely inside. Cons: Won’t be able to fit the larger styles of sunglasses … Read More

4 Summer Hazards for Your Eyes

  Summer is a time to enjoy warm weather, have fun and be carefree. However, dangers abound especially those to our eyes. There are 4 main culprits: the sun, smoke, chemicals and balls.   Dangerous UV rays from the sun above and reflected from the sand, water and other flat surfaces damage your eyes and may contribute to cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma and more. Eyes can be sunburned by the sun. Photokeratitis –burned corneas – is serious and can cause temporary blindness and permanent damage to vision. Always wear sunglasses with 100% UVA/UVB protection, polarized to block reflected sunlight and a wide brimmed hat. 2.  Smoke from bon fires, Citronella candles, fireworks and of course barbecues! If you are the cook at a BBQ chances are you‘ve exposed your eyes to smoke. Smoke is full of tiny particles and gasses … Read More

Causes and Symptoms of Detached Retinas

7 Possible Causes of a Detached Retina Approximately 1 out of every 7 people experience retinal tears or detachments, according the Journal of the American Medical Association. Up to 50 percent of people who experience a retinal tear will have a following detachment. There are 7 common causes for retinal detachment: A blow or injury to the face or eyes High level of Near-sightedness (Myopia) Genetic predisposition Age: Over 40 years old Had a complicated cataract surgery Have previously had a detached retina Diabetes   3 most common symptoms of a detached retina A detached retina causes no pain so it is important to be vigilant of the symptoms. Seeing spots, floaters and/or flashes of light Blurry vision Shadows or darkness from the top or across the side of the eye If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms, consult your … Read More

Best Bicycles for Seniors

By 60, adults know what’s important when exercising and specifically, when riding bicycles– comfort!  Let’s face it, by 60 our bodies aren’t quite what they were in our 20s. We need a more pampered biking experience or, let’s say, the right features that minimize stress on our body. If you are over 60 and shopping for a bicycle, look for comfortable seats and designs that keep you upright as much as possible. If you are serious about finding the right bicycle for seniors, start with the right bike type. Cruisers or comfort bikes are the best choice for seniors. You’ll notice you sit straight when riding thanks to higher handlebars and this is good news for your back. These types of bikes typically have comfortable seats (saddles), wider tires and fewer gears which adds up to a smoother ride and … Read More

Summer can be Dangerous for Adults over 60!

Most of us look forward to summer but hot weather can be dangerous, particularly to adults over 60. A University of Chicago Medical Center study found that 40% of heat-related fatalities in the U.S. were among people over 65. There are several reasons why boomers and seniors are more vulnerable to heat stroke and heat exhaustion and even heat-related deaths. As we age, we lose the ability to notice changes in our body temperature. Health conditions that may come with age can also make it more difficult for older adults to adapt to heat. Some medications can contribute to dehydration. Keeping cool in summer is essential. Follow these tips: Drink plenty of water even if you are not thirsty. Avoid coffee and alcoholic beverages contribute to dehydration. Wear Appropriate Clothes like light-colored, lightweight, loose-fitting clothes and a wide-brimmed hat. Stay … Read More

Top 5 Health Concerns Among Seniors

To be human is to worry and as we age, our list of distresses seems to get longer particularly when it relates to our health. The good news is we alleviate this anxiety by visiting a doctor regularly to help diagnose, take pro-active steps to prevent, manage and overcome the things than concern us the most. These are among the top 5 mind-burdening health topics among seniors: Arthritis – There are many types of arthritis but older adults most often have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or gout. Symptoms may include: joint pain, joint swelling, joint stiffness, tenderness or pain when touching a joint, problems using or moving a joint normally and warmth and redness in a joint. Medication, exercise, stretching, hot or cold pads and glucosamine and chondroitin are among several things that may help alleviate the symptoms. Heart Disease describes … Read More