Allergy Season is Here! Read these Tips to Keep Allergies at Bay!

This year, we’ve had particularly bad weather on the East coast and in the Midwest of the U.S., so it is no wonder we are fervently looking forward to spring. The snow, heavy layers of clothing, rain and cold get old after a while and we long for sunshine, light clothes and color! I am looking forward to all that spring brings except pollen and allergies! I spend a good part of spring sneezing, wiping watery eyes, treating my nose congestion, sucking on cough drops for my itchy throat and coughing, thanks to allergies. I love the flower-making power of pollen but not what it does to my body.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to keep pollen out of my life. I fill in the space created by open doors and windows with HEPA filters, exercise outdoors in the early morning and evening when pollen counts are lower, rinse my nose with salt-water, I ask my kids to mow the lawn, I shave my dog’s hair prior to spring, I wear a light scarf that I can use to cover my hair and nose when going outside, I change (and immediately wash) my clothes after being outdoors and, most importantly, I wear sunglasses that have good coverage around my eyes.

If you wear contacts, you may want to put them away during spring and bring out the eyeglasses. Pollen particles can attach to and get under your contacts causing irritation. If you wear prescription glasses, I recommend Solar Shield Fits Over sunglasses ( Solar Shield sunglasses are designed to fit right on top of your glasses and have a top brow, bottom check bar and side windows that block wind and pollen from reaching your eyes. They are stylish and very comfortable too.

If you wear regular sunglasses, I suggest buying Solar Comfort sunglasses ( which have a fantastic wrap design that contours around your face. These sunglasses are ideal for active people. You can wear SolarComforts while biking, kayaking, hiking, fishing or while engaged in just about any sport or activity outdoors.

But my personal spring-time favorites are Eyesential sunglasses. These sunglasses have an inner foam ‘gasket’ that prevents wind, pollen, dust and just about anything else nature can dish out, from getting in your eyes. Imagine a cushioned liner between your face and the sunglasses that acts as a barrier between the elements and your eyes. Eyesential sunglasses are a must in spring. ENTER Promo Code  BLOG30  at checkout to get 30%  off on everything except clearance items!   Get yourself a pair!

Allergies or not, there is no way I am avoiding going outdoors after a long winter indoors. I will do my best to minimize them and will wear my Eyesential sunglasses.