5 Minutes to the Perfect Pair of Solar Shield Fits Over

Finding the perfect Solar Shield fits over sunglass takes literally less than 5 minutes. Considering all the money you save, the versatility you’ll achieve, how good you’ll look and the eye-health benefits you’ll gain, it is a small investment.

  • Visit your local club, box, grocery or drug store and look for the Solar Shield display.

  • Look at the shape and size of your prescription glasses and determine if they are:

    • Slim rectangular or oval

    • Large Round or rectangular

    • Aviator (dropping lenses)

  • If you answered:

    • Slim: The Panorama (wraparound with no side windows) or Fashion (no side windows) is best.

  • Large: The Classic or Sport will fit you best

  • Aviator: The Classic Aviators are your best choice

  • Find the collection on the tag or color lens label. Try the Solar Shield fits overs on!

Slide the fits overs over your prescription glasses and look to the right, left, up and down.  Make sure the sunglasses don’t fall off and aren’t pressing against your head.

  • Decide if you want gray or amber lens tinted lenses. Gray tints don’t distort colors, just darken them and they are best for direct light.

Amber lens tints give objects a slight orangey color and enhance contrast.

It is that easy.

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