UV (Ultraviolet) Light and Eye-Health

Nearly 22 million Americans over 40 have cataracts. Over 2.3 million Americans over 40 are affected by glaucoma. More than 2 million Americans have macular degeneration.

Long term exposure to UV rays – natural from the sun or artificial from tanning beds and other sources, causes damage to your eyes. The damage can range from snow blindness (Photokeratitis) to eye cancer. UV light exposure has a cumulative effect on the eyes. Damage to your eyes today, leads to eye-health problems tomorrow.

UVA light can penetrate deeper into the eye and skin than UVA rays. UVA can affect your central vision and damage the macula (part of the retina in the back of the eye).

  • Everyone is at risk of eye damage from UV light

  • Look for sunglasses that are Polarized which means they block glare

  • Wear sunglasses even on overcast days. UV light can be equally intense in winter as in summer.

  • Wear sunglasses that have 100% UVA/UVB protection

  • For maximum protection choose sunglasses with wide temples, wraparound design and top or bottom shields.

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