Need to up your game? Being the best at a sport has gotten easier!

Are you at your physical peak and not getting any better at your favorite sport?  Have you’ve reached a plateau in your athletic performance? Perhaps it is time to take your gear to the next level. Excelling at sports has gotten easier thanks to equipment upgrades. To reign supreme at your sport you need superior equipment. New materials, technologies and manufacturing techniques are catapulting athletes clothing, gear and ‘toys’ to new heights.



Athletic shoes are more lightweight than ever preventing feet from feeling weighed-down, while still offer the comfort and support needed to perform. The Saucony Triumph ISO is called their “pinnacle neutral trainer” and Runner’s World gave this shoe their Editor’s Choice award for 2015. The brand’s signature PWRGRID+ technology provides an extra cushioned feel, added stability and maximum impact protection.




Connor from California rates the Specialized Tarmac Mid Compact as tops. “…when I start wrenching on the cranks uphill nothing flexes, the bike just snaps-to and gets moving (Really quickly). The Ultegra shifters are smooth and responsive, yet don’t shift by. The gearing is pretty good, however, if you aren’t a climber consider a compact if you have lots of steep hills around you. I spend a lot of time out of the saddle, so I don’t mind, but for seated climbers, you can use the crank set that’s on the bike and convert it to a compact. Specialized has hit it out-of-the-park with this bike, and you won’t find another bike like this for the money.”


golf club

Golf Clubs

Today’s drivers are customizable to improve each golfer’s specifications, changing center of gravity locations in three dimensions, face angles and lofts with greater simplicity and more independence than ever before. Golf clubs are also getting lighter in weight and looking sleeker and more aerodynamic adding speed and precision to your swing. When it comes to drivers, few compare to the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815. As Golf Digest put it:  “You can move weights in the heel and toe to correct slices and hooks, tweak the loft to one of eight settings and flip a central weight to optimize your spin — all independent of one another. That means if the loft is correct but the spin isn’t, flipping the central weight could solve your problems. But that kind of freedom also requires saving weight. Callaway neatly does this by using eight materials, including a lighter, more flexible face and a composite crown. So it’s not only more adjustable than last year’s model, it’s lighter, too.”


solar comfort dominance


For athletes of any sort, sunglasses are a must and they must meet several basic requirements: Polarization, UV 400 (100% UVA/UVB Protection), lightweight, comfort and durable/quality materials. Solar Comfort sunglasses have all the needed technology and more. Their frames have a wraparound design that maximizes visibility while maintaining visual acuity. The lenses come in two shades, gray and amber and they are impact and scratch-resistant. The grey lenses are best for mid-day light conditions and keep colors truer.  The amber tint is best for enhancing contrast and indirect-light conditions such as early morning or dusk. Best of all, Solar Comfort sunglasses cost less than $25. ENTER Promo Code  BLOG30  at checkout to get 30%  off !



yoga pants


The best yoga pants bar none are the Zobha Joy Cuffed pants. These pants are comfortable and perfect for yoga. They have a loose, slouchy fit that tapers slightly to the banded cuffs. This means you don’t have to wear those skin tight leggings! Best of all , your pants stay in place thanks to the cuffs. They have a comfortable ribbed waistband with a drawstring and rear pockets. Finally yoga pants that are made for practicing yoga and not showing off your rear.

When it comes to sports gear and equipment, there’s always something better being developed to up your game. Remember the S-P-O-R-T acronym when purchasing athletic gear:  S: safety, P:performance, O: organic (conforms to shape, but organic materials are great also), R: right for me & T: tried and true.