Gardening Tips for Spring

I love gardening because it is one of those projects that can bring instant gratification. I get a lot of satisfaction from weeding the garden, planting a flower bed or growing my own tomatoes. Since it is spring, I am eager to tackle my little patch of nature. This year, I am planting zinnias, marigolds and tomatoes from seed and I’ve learned that the potting mix you use actually makes a difference. There are special mixes for growing seeds. I usually start my seeds in small containers in my kitchen by the window and once they are about 2” tall, I take the containers outdoors for short periods of time so they get acclimatized. After about 1 week, I transplant them to the garden.

I plan to spend a lot of time outdoors this spring and I plan to wear my Haven sunglasses every single time I go outside.  I had no idea they made glasses you could wear over your prescription glasses. Well Haven makes them.

I bought a pair of the Haven fits over sunglasses and pop them right over my bifocals.  I really like the panoramic design of my Haven Malloys. They wrap around my face so I can see perfectly from every angle and they don’t fall off my face. They also have a top brow that blocks sun from above, which is a very good thing since gardeners spend 90% of the time bending over. And of course the lenses are polarized and block UV rays, but I discovered they also repel fingerprints, smudge and grime. Imagine that! A gardener’s dream right? And the last reason I love my Haven fits overs is because the lenses have a tough coat to prevent scratches. Someone finally figured out that gardeners aren’t exactly dainty with their sunglasses. So if you are heading to the garden this spring, don’t forget your Haven sunglasses.

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