What’s New in Sunglasses? Lenses with attitude!

Just when it seems like we have seen it all when it pertains to sunglasses, we realize we haven’t.

Sunglasses these days come in all shapes and sizes The market is saturated with iconic sunglass silhouettes like Aviators, Caravans, Clubmasters, Cat Eyes, Rounds, Wayfarers and shields.

But it isn’t just the variety of shapes that makes us dizzy, the myriad of materials, adornments, volume and colors is astounding. If you can imagine it, there’s a sunglass like it. Whether you want sunglasses in wood, Titanium, stainless steel, mother of pearl, acetate, recycled jeans, in red, green, clear, neon, metallic, matte rubber, with flat lenses, mirrored lenses, with a camera attached or with flower adornments, chances are you’ll find them.

Lenses finally decided they are not going to be out-shined by frames and they are making quite a statement.  The latest in sunglass lens fashion are patterned lenses. Dior’s has come out with some of the most attractive sunglasses with embellished lenses in the market today. These beauties go by the name Dior Umbrage. Definitely eye-catching! And we don’t think anyone will be annoyed if you wear a pair.


These J.S. Boathouse sunglasses (below) are another example of how sunglasses can integrate  classy pictorials like this elegant gold Art Nouveau Damask pattern  on the surface of a sunglass lens.

And in case you are wondering, ‘yes’ you can see out of them and ‘no’ you don’t see the pattern or design. You’ll be able to see out just like you do with a regular pair of

dark tinted sunglasses. How do they do this? J.S. Boathouse uses a lens perforated vinyl wrap technology. We prefer to call it fashion coated lenses.

There are a few other sunglass brands that have caught the ‘creative-lenses’ bug. KDEAM has a much more subtle interpretation of the concept of sunglasses with patterned lenses.  The abstract line art on the pink tinted lenses is fairly unobtrusive and faint yet definitely statement-making.  Very trendy and cool!


This is some serious camouflage!

These sunglasses by Italia Independent are camouflaged in their entirety – including the lenses. Quite the oxymoron because these creative and fun sunglasses will not let you go unnoticed!

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