Protect Your Eyes from the Sun!

We’ve been hearing it loud and clear – Protect Your Eyes from the Sun! Sunglasses with 100% UV Protection or a UV400 rating, protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays!  UV light damage has been linked to eye cancer, macular degeneration, cataracts, eye-blindness and other eye-health issues. Also, sunglasses help reduce the onset of some fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.  Your eye-health and wrinkle-prevention alone should be enough reasons to compel you to wear sunglasses every time you go outdoors. But if you need more reasons, read on.

Wearing sunglasses is not just good for your eye health it is a fun and fabulous fashion and personality statement. Sunglasses, particularly fits overs and clip-ons, have been the unsung fashion heroes until recently.  Sunglasses, including many of the new fit overs and clip ons, add pop to your personality and complete your look. Nowadays, sunglasses are available in many shapes, frame colors, lens tints and materials which means you can have several pairs to complement all your different looks and moods.

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And eyeglass-wearers, there’s no need to feel left out. Solar Shield, Haven and Polar Optics are the best brands of fits over and clipons and many of their styles combine function and fashion so you can keep your eyes healthy and your style intact. Fits overs and clipons have been around a long time. They are their own breed of sunglasses designed to be worn over eyeglasses. These brands have 100%UVA/UVB protection, polarized lenses and recently, many brands have added fashionable shapes, wonderful colors and chic adornments to their lines.  The new Solar Shield, Polar Optics and Haven fits overs and clipons look nothing like the cataract glasses of yesteryear. They are actually very on-trend, comfortable and they are great-looking.

Solar Shield fits overs and clipon sunglasses can be found just about everywhere – retail stores, drug stores and many club and grocery stores.  They are also on-line at Their fits over sunglasses retail for about $20 and their clipons run about $14-16. Haven is a more premium brand of fits overs so you’ll need to visit a select optical store or look for them on, at Bass Pro or at Their prices for fits overs and clipons are approximately $30 and $25 respectively. Polar Optics is a very good quality line of fits overs and they are priced at around $30. You can find them at mass optical stores or at Protect Your Eyes from the Sun! ENTER Promo Code  BLOG30  at checkout to get 30%  off on everything except clearance items!