Solar Shield- the best brand of Fits Overs and Clipons thanks to superior technology and quality construction!

Solar Shield’s fits over sunglasses and clipons have more than good looks going for them. They have important technological and construction features that set them apart from the competition.


Solar Shield products are built with the latest lens technology and quality materials because as the original fits over company, they are serious about protecting your eyes and enhancing your vision. Solar Shield fits over sunglasses and clipons are equipped with quality lenses that you simply don’t see in sunglasses this affordable.  Firstly, the lenses in all Solar Shield products are polarized which means the lenses have a laminated filter that blocks out glare which is all light that is reflected off of pavement, water, sand, glass or shinny and/or flat surfaces.  Secondly, the lenses are scratch-resistant which will allow you to keep your fits overs and clipons for a much longer time and enjoy better vision. Thirdly, Solar Shield lenses are impact-resistant to withstand the inevitable drops and bumps. Fourthly, Solar Shield lenses provide the maximum protection from UV rays. All Solar Shield lenses, gray, amber and yellow, provide 100% protection form damaging UV rays. This is equivalent to saying they offer UV400 protection. UV A,B & C light waves fall between 100-400 nanometers, so anytime you see the UV400 mark on sunglasses, it simply means the lenses block 100% of UVA, B and C rays.


Unlike Solar Shield knock-offs, with frames made of inexpensive polycarbonate, Solar Shield fits over sunglasses are made of quality Nylon for durability and comfort. Similarly, cheap clipon frames are made of nickel while Solar Shield clipons are made of quality long-lasting stainless steel.


Another important sunglass construction element is the hinge. Solar Shield fits overs have stop hinges which prevent the temples from hitting or rubbing against the lenses when they are in a folded position. Test this with other brands of over-the-glass sunglasses and you’ll see this is not the case.


Solar Shield Clipons have a very important construction feature –plastic coated prongs called Dura Prongs ™. Clipons attach to eyeglasses via 4 seamless metal prongs that have been coated with a soft plastic in order to protect your eyeglasses from scratches and damage.  Solar Shield clipon imitators don’t have this important feature.

Now you know some of the many reasons why Solar Shield is superior to all other fit over sunglasses in the market today.  Don’t settle for lower quality and cheap imitators. Buy the #1 sunglass brand recommended by doctors – Solar Shield. Take advantage of this great deal! ENTER Promo Code  BLOG30  at checkout to get 30%  off !

full frame graySS_Class_24S100