So Many Solar Shield ‘Fits over’ sunglasses and Clip-on Styles -There’s One for You!


Did you know 3 out of 4 adults wear glasses of some sort? Thankfully, Solar Shield brand has one of the most extensive lines of fits over sunglasses and clipons in the industry. Many people can think of only the large goggle-type fitovers of years past, but the reality is there are a myriad of styles in the market today.

In the fits over category, Solar Shield has 5 collections: classic, sport, panorama, fashion and designer.

Solar Shield Classics refers to fits overs with classic rectangular and round shapes, side windows and a top and bottom shield.


Sport fits overs have racier more tapered shapes, also have side windows and top and bottom shield. However, since these Solar Shields are meant for sport, the top shield has small vents so lenses don’t fog up during activity.



The Panorama Solar Shield fits overs have wraparound lenses that give them a modern sleek appearance. They also have a top and bottom shield for maximum sun protection.



You will find more feminine styles and smaller shapes among the Fashion Solar Shield fit overs. The fashion collection does not have side windows but most often, do have a top and bottom shield.



The Designer collection boasts beautiful embellishments, designer-inspired shapes and lacks a bottom shield for a wider fit range.

designer temple


The newest addition to Solar Shield’s ‘fits over’ sunglass line is the semi-rimless collection which is unique to Solar Shield, patented and modern. These sunglasses lack the bottom half of the frame giving them a sleek look and wide fit range.

semi rimless


When it comes to clipons, Solar Shield has the widest variety of shapes and sizes that fit over virtually all prescription glasses.

Solar Shield Full Frame clipons have thin metal frames around the lenses in black, copper and stainless.

full frame

The Solar Shield Rimless clipons’ lack of frame allows them to blend seamlessly to eyeglasses for a clean, sleek look.



A sub-collection of the Solar Shield Rimless Clipons is the ‘fits plastic’ which as you might imagine, are designed specifically to fit over thick plastic eyeglasses thanks to their wider prongs.

rimless for plastic

Last but not least, is the flip up collection which is characterized by a central clam that attached to eyeglasses allowing the wearer to flip them up or down as needed.



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