Protect Young Eyes Too! / Children Need to Protect their Eyes More Than Adults

August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety month so we wanted to stress the importance of teaching kids about protecting their eyes and equip you with some tips and tools. It’s important to take steps to protect young eyes since children are exposed to high amounts of UV rays outside at school, during recess, sports, or playing outdoors after school. Most people are aware of the damage the sun does to your skin, but the sun also damages your eyes! This is why wearing sunglasses whenever you are in the sun is essential for both children and adults. Read these easy tips to help teach kids about sun safety and protect their young eyes.

  1. Set the Example – Whether you have your own kids, grandkids, neighbors or friends, you can set the example by wearing sunglasses and teaching them to do the same. SolarComfort sunglasses are a great choice since they are lightweight and wraparound to provide Advanced UV Protection®. For eyeglass wearers, choose sunglasses that you can wear over your glasses like Haven Fits Over Sunglasses.
  2. Pick the Right Shades – Make sure you purchase children’s sunglasses with 100% UVA/UVB protection and impact resistant polycarbonate lenses. It’s important for the frames to fit your child’s face and wraparound to block stray light. Children’s sunglasses are widely available at most grocery stores, drug stores, or clothing retailers.
  3. Have Some Fun! – Children’s sunglasses come in so many fun colors and styles these days, so let them pick out a pair they love. Or purchase a pair with their favorite movie character for a sure win! Use fun games, songs, or coloring pages to teach them about the importance of protecting their eyes. Below is a word search that is fun for both kids and adults. Enjoy, and have fun in the sun!

Teaching children to protect their eyes and wearing sunglasses is an important habit to encourage for a long life of healthy vision.

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