Pay for it with Your Smart Sunglasses

Cash or credit? None, I’ll use my sunglasses thank you! That’s right, Visa, the credit card company unveiled a prototype of smart sunglasses that can be used in place of an ordinary credit card. As if paying with plastic was not easy enough.

The smart sunglasses by Visa look just like regular sunglasses but have hidden technology that makes a huge difference. How would they work? A chip would be embedded in the sunglasses temple (a.k.a. arm). You would walk up to the register or iPad, remove your sunglasses and tap them on a Visa near field communication (NFC) enabled terminal.  No need to swipe a card.

This would be great news for people who like to travel light. While you wait for wearable technology to catch on big, always wear sunglasses whether it is sunny or overcast. Protecting your eyes from damaging UV rays and glare should be the primary function of sunglasses. Although paying for stuff with them, will be really cool!

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Getty Images for VISA