The One and Only Piece of Equipment You Need For Any And All Outdoor Recreational Activities

Nature brings us joy; it intrigues us, baffles us and can even frighten us. For over 140 million Americans, outdoor recreation is a priority in their lives. This means about half of all the people in the U.S. enjoy some type of outdoor activity on a regular basis regardless of race, age or gender. That is a whole lot of people going outside to have some fun and R&R.

According to the Outdoor Industry Association, the top 10 outdoor activities in the U.S. are:

1. Camping

  1. Water Sports
  2. Bicycling
  3. Hiking, trail walking
  4. Off-roading
  5. Snow sports
  6. Motorcycling
  7. Fishing
  8. Wildlife viewing
  9. Hunting

The greatest oxymoron is that while most people seek outdoor recreation as a way to escape the stress and complication of urban life, preparing for our relaxing and enjoyable contact with nature is anything but simple. We have turned the outdoor gear industry into a wealth-making mega machine because God-forbid we go outdoors without the latest and greatest equipment to keep us safe and comfortable.

Cycling Equipment

To go bike riding we can’t just hop on our bike and go. Oh no!  We must have the spiffy helmet, the gloves, the padded shorts, the special shoes, the cool water bottle, the futuristic sunglasses, the-thinner-than-air dry-fit top and the list goes on, and on.


Fishing Equipment

If you have fishing in your sights you might have to break the bank. Fishing –must-haves include thousand-dollar reels and rods, ventilated hats, UV protected fast-drying clothing, deluxe tackle boxes, lures in every shape, size and color, bait, jigs, rigs, fishing tools and much more.


There is so much stuff to buy, pack and haul to enjoy the outdoors, that we have taken the pleasure out of outdoor recreation.

We believe enjoying the outdoors should be simple – just go outside! Yes, there will be bugs, heat, prickly things and other ‘annoyances’ but they are nothing compared to the money, time and effort spent on specialized gear to alleviate those frustrations. We believe there is one, and only one, piece of gear that is truly essential to all outdoor recreational activities – sunglasses. Sunglasses protect you from wind, water, sun, flying branches and they allow you to see clearly. While you can live without the cooling motorcycle-riding vest, the camping blow up pillow and the real tree leggings for hunting, you should never leave your sunglasses at home. Sunglasses will block the glare from the sun, protect your eyes from bad UV rays and shield your eyes from the elements. If you wear eyeglasses, Solar Shield sunglasses are made specifically to fit over them. There are Solar Shield fitovers for every shape and size of eyeglasses and they are so affordable, you won’t cry when you leave them behind at the campsite.

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