Living the RV life! Tips for a successful trip

The U.S. is a diverse and exciting country and one of the best ways to experience it is RVing.  Traveling in a Recreational Vehicle combines all three of Americans’ top love affairs: cars, freedom and excitement. But before you leave on your first or next RV adventure, plan!

RV 50s family

#1)  Do a complete mechanical checkup of your RV and outfit it with all the necessities: flashlights, camping food, first aid kit, games, tools, kitchen utensils, fuel, insect repellent, books, maps, batteries, matches, bedding, trash bags, toiletries, medications, water, etc.

#2) Be prepared with easy and RV-friendly recipes like Chicken in foil pouch.

Oven Temp: 400


1 plump chicken breast

1 large potato, chunked

1/2 onion, chopped

Salt and pepper, to taste

Ranch dressing


Place chicken on aluminum foil, layer next with potatoes, onion, salt and pepper. Drizzle ranch dressing over all. Seal tightly in aluminum foil, then wrap again with another piece, so foil is doubled. Bake in oven or on grill for one hour. Serving for 1.


Bring games everyone can enjoy like the Alphabet Game

The objective is to find words outside the vehicle, and NOT on any other vehicle, that begin with the letters of the alphabet, starting with the letter “A.” Once a player calls out an object they see with the letter “A,” they move on to the letter “B.”

#4) Plan your route and know where you will be staying every night. Make reservations and research their amenities. Don’t know where to go? Visit Go Camping America for recommendations.

#5) Get a road-side assistance plan like AAA. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

#6) Bring a happy, positive and patient self along for the ride. Trips don’t always go as planned so it is best to prepare for the unexpected with a good dose of “don’t worry, be happy”.

#7) Don’t forget RV-veteran travel musts like cash, duct tape, shovel, heavy duty  extension cord, spare sewer hose, rubber  gloves, several pairs of sunglasses, or Solar Shield ‘fits overs’ if you wear glasses and a portable radio.

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