Hot Eyeglass Frames! Trends in eyeglasses

Hot Eyeglass Frames are here! Retro-cool, cat-eye, geek-chic, and its-all-in-the-details are the key trends in eyeglasses this season. These trends are deliberately a revival of the Art Deco fashion of the 30’s which saw the emergence of cat-eye shapes, chunky construction, keyhole bridges, simple, clean shapes, a “streamlined” look, geometric ornamentation and use of varied materials, which frequently include man-made substances and natural ones.

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Another hot trend in eyewear is the Clubmaster or Browline which is a style of eyeglass frames which were very popular during the 1950s and 1960s. The ’Browline’ name stems from the fact that the thicker, darker or more pronounced upper half of the frame resembles eye brows.


When it comes to color, anything goes in the world of frames this season, from ethereal clear, milky pastels, metallics, vibrant neons to subdued neutrals. But to be fully on-trend you must make a statement with the details in patterns, adornments, mix of materials, inserts and unique construction.


The bottom line is eyeglasses have come into their own and carved their own identity within the fashion world. They are no longer just vision-correction devices. Eyeglasses are purposeful, creative and unique fashion pieces. They may be gender, color, texture, and style-unique. Each a work of art all its own. Eyeglasses are one accessory where your personality or alter-ego can shine through!

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