Solar Shield® Launches Iconic Collection of ‘fitsovers’ – The Best Looking Sunglasses for Eyeglass-Wearers!

Solar Shield® proudly presents its new collection of hip, stylish and, dare we say, unfitsover-like, sunglasses for use over eyeglasses. The 6 new styles, aptly named after famous streets: Hollywood-L.A. streets Fairfax, Melrose, Beverly, Hollywood Blvd., Bronson and Santa Monica, feature an assortment of legendary sunglass silhouettes that have become favorites across generations and genders.

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In recent years, Solar Shield® ‘fits over’ sunglass line has incorporated trend–forward features, youth-appealing shapes and new colorways but the new Solar Shield®’s iconic styles are a much bolder departure. This new collection will revolutionize the fits over industry and the way consumers perceive over-the-glass sunglasses by destroying the cataract-sunglass stigma surrounding the category. The new collection of iconic sunglasses for eyeglass-wearers by Solar Shield® is arguably the best looking grouping of ‘fits overs’ in the market today, which also boast a remarkable fit range and broad appeal.

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Available on-line at and at select retailers as of January 2017, the new collection of iconic sunglasses for eyeglass-wearers by Solar Shield® will be a game changer in the fits over category. These styles will allow eyeglass-wearers to proudly sport sunglass styles made popular by the movie stars of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, which non-eyeglass wearers have been flaunting for decades. The iconic sunglass collection for eyeglass-wearers by Solar Shield® has all the best-loved features of traditional Solar Shield®  fits overs; They are light weight, polarized to block glare, offer 100% UVA/UVB protection and feature scratch-resistant lenses with 10% light transmission –Solar Shield® ’s darkest lenses to date. visit USE CODE BLOG30 to get 30% OFF!