Fall Means Shorter Days and Longer Nights

fall leaves  Autumn is here! And that means leaves are turning beautiful red, orange, yellow and brown colors and baseball season is coming to an end and football is on. We feel a crisp in the air, wind on our face and we yearn to indulge in pumpkin pie, hot chocolate and apple crumble. There will be Halloween and Thanksgiving parties and gatherings to attend and gifts to buy for the winter holidays yet to come.

fall party   And with shorter days and longer nights comes more night driving, which is something many of us avoid and dislike.  It gets darker earlier in autumn and that means many of us will be driving to and from work in the dark, running errands and shopping in the dark and driving to and from gatherings and parties in the dark.



Why the dread of Night Driving?

  • Decreased vision! it’s more difficult to see with little light.
  • Constantly being blinded by headlights from oncoming traffic and street lights.
  • Glare and halos from light against rain and fog.
  • Driving too fast for your headlights. That means, by the time you see something on the road, an exit, and animal or a person, it’s too late to act.

night driving

The good news is that Night Drivers glasses by Solar Shield can help ! Their specialized yellow tint enhances contrast so you can make out objects easier while driving at night. Their lenses have an anti-reflective coating which filters out glare. And Solar Shield Night Drivers are the only night vision glasses that pass the Global Traffic Light Transmission Standards. You can rest assured that you will be able to distinguish the red, green and yellow traffic lights. Other brands of night vision glasses can make everything look yellow preventing you from distinguishing colors.  Don’t be fooled. Just because glasses have yellow lenses does not mean they are adequate for Night Driving! Enjoy the shorter days and longer nights. Get a pair of Night Drivers by Solar Shield. www.nightdrivers.com. Use code BLOG30 an get 30% OFF!