What is Digital Eye Strain and How Can we Prevent and Combat it?


The latest buzz in the eyewear industry is digital eye strain and blue light. As you might have heard, the countless hours spent staring at our digital devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, computers and yes even smart watches, is taking a toll on our eyes.

Digital Eye Strain Symptoms

What does digital eye strain feel and look like?  Red, itchy, tired, irritated and/or dry eyes; blurry vision; headaches; and neck and shoulder pain, are all symptoms of digital eye strain.  What causes these symptoms?  The simple answer is that digital devices give off bright light, small text and pixelated images which causes us to focus more intently, blink less, keep our neck a, head and shoulders rigid in crunched-over positions, and exposes our eyes to damaging blue light.

Digital Eye Strain Treatments

What can you do to prevent digital eye strain? A few things:

  • Turn down the brightness of your screen or room
  • Get an anti-glare computer, tablet or phone screen
  • Take breaks from the screen to close your eyes and look at a distance
  • Blink
  • Try not to crouch while looking at your screens. Sit or stand straight and look at eye level
  • Wear anti-digital-eye-strain glasses like Eyezen to help relax your eyes and block blue light. These glasses are for non-eyeglass-wearers.

Our suggestion is you go for a walk outdoors, get some fresh air and look at the world around you. Remember to always wear sunglasses when you go outdoors. If you wear eyeglasses, try Solar Shied ‘fitsover’ sunglasses which are designed to fit right over your eyeglasses.

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